Collettivo Mazzulata

Collettivo Mazzulata

 Bardello, Lombardy, ITA

Italy has great music traditions, and we are trying to brings these traditions to the young generations, dressing old traditional songs with a big powerful sound, modern arrangements and ideas coming from all over the world.


Collettivo Mazzulata is an Italian band formed in 2007 by initiative of Gio Rossi, musician and composer well known in the field of jazz and blues music for his collaborations with world-class musicians like Joey de Francesco, Sugar Ray Norcia, Tad Robinson, Alex Schultz, Maurizio Pugno and many others.

Gio started to choose musicians of different age and different music styles, combining their music experience in a unique genre that the band calls “Ratafolk”, a mix between italian traditional folk and many other different styles, including salsa, zydeco, blues, rock and roll, jungle and so on. The result is a crazy and creative combination of rhythm, grooves, melodies, colours and ideas which seems to arouse enthusiasm in the young and the older generation, mixing all them together into a strange and variegate audience.

The name “Collettivo” indicates the main aim of the band, which is to develop his own music mixing italian culture and new ideas coming from all over the world. At the moment 10 musicians are working at the project, even if the typical line-up counts seven people on the stage.

The band has been invited to perform in many music festival, like JazzTime Hildesheim, Park in Zagreb, We Love Jazz (Italy), Das Fest (Karkshrue – D), Murter (HR) and Meeting Rimini (Italy). In four years the band has taken more then 100 concerts, hosting many musicians like Kellie Rucker, MZ Dee, Luca Crespi (from Inis Fail band), Maurizio Pugno, Laura Fedele and many others, organizing a touring show called “COLLETTIVO MAZZULATA RATAFOLK REVUE ! “ including into its own sound some new and different sonorities like Bag Pipes, Mandolins, Harmonicas, Surf and Blues guitars, Black singers, Country melodies and more. Some videos of the show are visible on CM YouTube Channel.


ratafolk 2007 - ultrasound records - 2007
the age of ratafolk - filmstudio 90 - 2009 (DVD)
scecchendaun - 2012