Our passion is to see Gods hand spring forth life into the hearts of all generations. Turning the waste lands of our culture into an oasis filled with God's presence. We pray that this same passion will fill you.


Collide59 has been a rock worship band for 9yrs. The band has multiple years experience in music and worship. Thier contemporary rock based sound mixed with passionate worship is the drive behind thier music. Thier one desire is to see all enter into the presence of God. Inviting everyone to join in with them, engauging the cultural gap by presenting a relevant sound to today's listening audience.


Self titled CD - 2008

Set List

Intro with guitar and drums. At least 3 fast songs to energize the creating of an atmosphere of music and worship. Then lead into the set list from cd. Total of 10 to 12 songs depending on the venue with ministering in between as lead. 1 to 2hr concert depending on the needs of the promoter.