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San Francisco, California, United States | SELF

San Francisco, California, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Collider: Strobos EP [Album Review]"

Fresh off the buzz of their last EP, BBM, Collider has once again come out swinging with their own brand of 90’s influenced fuzz pop. Strobos EP is their third release to date, and is quite frankly a subtle, yet very well organized jump forward in their progression as artists. In the true spirit of the band’s hometown, San Francisco, the guys have taken a real DIY approach by releasing this frenzied and furious digital EP all on their own. This could arguably be considered the City Lights Books version of indie pop artistic expression.

“!Ex Ex!” is without a doubt the most exciting track on Strobos EP with its sporadic hints of electronic madness, and old school alternative rock hype notes. But, the hidden gem on Collider’s third release is without a doubt the keyboard riddled “Take Off”. It’s a song of struggle and the pain of loss through a tremendously catchy hook and a triumphant rhythm section that hits harder than a tsunami in Japan. Each track on this EP has its own personality and an utter discontent for mediocrity that is unparalleled.

It is quite the treat to have a band like Collider be so easily accessible. They really play their asses off just for the sake of creating intense, blood curdling indie pop that the world should enjoy. Their Bandcamp site is filled with a couple dozen tracks that can be yours for the taking at the low, low cost of free. The Strobos EP is a must-have for the experimentalist we all like to think is buried somewhere deep inside our overtly pretentious hearts and minds. Collier could easily become your favorite band’s favorite band. - FensePost

"one-of-a-kind thunderstorm"

don`t irritate! i, for one couldn`t make out much of the tags on profile. with reasonable certainty a willy-nilly mistake. more than ever it sounds like a distinctive mix of noiserock and scraping shoegaze tunes. kind of melodic strings relocate waving drums. collider, an ambitious north american independent-group from san francisco, create a very impressive sound. a load of energy, experimental, emotional-associative through some mid-length jams. maybe matches most closely compared with early sonic youth. anyway their bbm ep (available for free via bandpage) is an infinite loop for sure. it`s quite hard to accentuate tracks. non-stop high-quality at all. e.g. "the grid goes down tonight" has an overwhelming intenseness in such a way. this incognizeable complaining vioce! glorious. as well i prefer currently subsequent tracks: a psychodelic & magnificent warped "black rooms" and the drifty "time concerns". we must not forget to mention a continuous climatic song "big bang machine". tremendous being noisy finally. "mcl" draws my instant attention based on a catchy primary hookline, erupting more and more barbarous to recur. "modern ends" overturns with its guitar-loops. what a crowning closing! as well as 2nd ep down in saturines (...). jubilant soundscapes go straight on track by track. in such a way i`m collided with this damn worthwile band! - BANDscheibenRECORDS


Foundations for this rock band started being laid by the Ricksen family in San Francisco back in 2004, between brothers Mark and John. Several different reincarnated sounds and various bandmates later they had the product they were looking for, having eventually located their drummer Billy Boyle and bassist Steve Martinez through that birthplace of many a spare band member, Craigslist. Still unsigned, they have so far self-released two EPs through 2009. The first was the Down In Satrines EP, followed by the BBM EP that had a got a release on the last day of the year. Having one of their band members listed as being responsible for ‘atmosphere’ probably gives you a clue about the type of indie rock they try to create. This is scaled up music that not only blasts the roof off, but probably goes on to make its own Ozone hole in the sky above. It’s the kind of marvellous tunesmithery that The Big Pink mastered so well, with their climactic, sweeping, fuzzy blasts of heartfelt expression. The music is full and ethereal, and although there are riffs and melodies inside each tune, you never find yourself grabbing all of it. To say its messy is perhaps slightly unfair and missing its point, as it’s deliberately loose and untidy. Like a cloud of noisy smoke it’s all-encompassing and although it’s occasionally a little disorientating it’s actually rather pleasant once you breathe it in. This type of indie is rockier than straight psychedelia, but more dizzy than straight indie rock. Track names such as The Grid Goes Down Tonight and Big Bang Machines, takes the particle accelerator connotations one neutron too far for our liking, but beyond all that there’s plenty of electric juice in all their songs to keep you energised. They sent us the exclusive track, Take Off, which is planned for a release this coming May, with their first full length due out by the end of the year. The song is a great example of their many strengths, suggesting this band are now confidently constructing a solid future for themselves. (MB) - THE RECOMMENDER

"Collider: San Francisco Shoegaze #1"

Shoegaze (a genre of music starting with the Cocteau Twins in the United Kingdom in the Eighties and named after the stance of many musicians on stage who seemed to be looking at their own shoes and also going by the name in London as The Scene That Celebrates Itself) has seen a revival in the Bay Area for a few years now. And we like it. Of the many bands, one of the best is Collider. This is San Francisco band that is transcendent no matter what you call them. They’re young with a couple of EPs—their first Down In Saturines and now BBM. Named after large particle accelerators, Collider’s music revels in both the bombastic beauty of energy and more subtle moments of delicacy, like particle patterns moments before collision. delicate, raw, and refined all at once. Why isn’t this band famous? Is there no hope for humanity? - Live the Food

"[Keep an eye on...] Collider"

San Fransisco’s Collider released their debut album Down In Saturines at the beginning of the year and have since been working on promotion for their garagey pop style of music. To get a feel for how they like to describe themselves and their sound, check out their influences section on MySpace:

Named after large particle accelerators, Collider’s music revels in both the bombastic beauty of energy and more subtle moments of delicacy, like particle patterns moments before collision.

Such a description is majorly intriguing, evoking thoughts of our deepest and most hidden vulnerabilities. Collider brings those out as they play, with tunes that imply an imminent “moment” – something so dramatic that we’re ready to piss ourselves in paranoia. The suddenness of it all is scary – the songs float, twist, and turn, readying their way for the metaphorical ultimate demise. And right when we think we can stop the downfall, the music pushes further ahead and carries us in its current. - Knox Road

"EP Special #2 – Collider"

Everything about Collider says to me “youth.” This isn’t a slam – far from it. Just like when you listen to Sonic Youth these days and hear maturity and experience, with Collider you can immediately sense that these folks have exuberance and energy and simplicity on their side. They sing what they know, play as they can, and get on with it. There isn’t a lot of messing around, beyond some mid-length jams here and there and a little experimentation with echo and fuzz. Instead, this record is straight-forward indie rock by young folks that know a hook when they hear one and clearly like to play their instruments and sing together.

As for specific tracks, like any band there are keepers and some that maybe aren’t. The keepers include “The Neon,” with its glint-eyed spoken word segment, “Isolator,” with its choral get-down, “Safe to Say” with its chuggy underbelly, and “Translator,” which somehow channels The Flaming Lips and a tiny bit of The Pixies.

Released back in February, Down In Saturines is currently available as a free download here. - Citizen Dick

"When Worlds Collider"

I'm not sure what additives are in the water in San Francisco, but, it may or may not have something to do with the music coming out of there. Collider, along with Photons and Kite In The Air and Minipop are all putting out some seriously great music.

Sounding like the noisier brother to local Dallas band Radiant*, Collider blends power-pop charm with a DIY ethos that will be heaven to your ears. You can download their new EP, BBM here... for free. - Bona Fide Darling

"Collider - Strobos EP"

We've written about this San Francisco band in the past (about their BBM EP). They are now back with another EP titled Strobos. They combine noise, indie and electro sounds in a beautiful dark scenery. Their music is simply amazing and I'm still wondering how they haven't released a full album yet. Visit their bandcamp page below to download all their EP's for free. More than worth it! - Athens66

"Collider - What I Heard Today"

San Francisco’s Collider have emancipated the exhausted post-rock fundamentals with dreamy swirls of consonance and dissonance that can be identified by the shoegaze moniker, but should most definitely not be confined by definition.

The Strobos EP drifts in and out of reminding me of the defunct Portland duo Yume Bitsu.

Enjoy. - What I Heard Today


Strobos EP (2010)
BBM EP (2009)
Down In Saturines (2009)



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