Collington X

Collington X


Collington X mix a solid sequenced synth background, with guitar and vocals. The style is alternative rock/pop, with a dark edge to the sound.


The main influences for Collington X are Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, New Order, Garbage, Republica to name a few. Where most bands at the moment are looking for an indie, guitar based style, Collington X explores the combination of sequenced synths with the power of processed guitars.


Collington X recently released the single 'Welcome to your World', with the extra track 'Relentless'.

Set List

The Collington X set is original material only, however a NIN cover is anticipated soon. The songs include the newly released tracks as tracks still to be released. Older songs that have appeared on Myspace are also included, such as 'Breakdown', 'Just Go', 'End of Days', 'The Suffering' and 'Slide (the art of thinking)'.