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"Collin Simpson Wins Battle of the Bands"

Watch @ 5:23 for Collin's interview - 100 Huntley Street


Singles include. "A Millie Remix"
"He's The King"
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The Fight Of Life EP



Imagine a rap artist who in his music balances life issues, love and relevance. Meet Collin Simpson, a 22-year-old writer, engineer, producer, performer and musician who encourages people to evaluate their lives and make change. From the big stages of Kingdom Bound to small indie coffee shops, Collin Simpson is always willing to share the message of love wherever he is and does it in an electrifying way.

Born A. Collin Michael Simpson in Ontario, Canada, he had a difficult childhood. From bullies, to fights, to suspention, to police stations, Collin oftentimes felt neglected and struggled with anger issues. Most of his life he was shy and reserved, full of fear and anxiety.

It wasn’t until, grade 10, after drugs, parties and even jail time, Collin found something that was worth living for, Jesus Christ. "I always knew that there was something floating around out there, I just kept chasing stuff that I thought would bring me satisfaction, but it never filled that void, I was empty. It wasn't until I started going to church that things fell into place and I felt that my life had purpose. When I learned to put myself aside and put Christ in the driver seat, that's when I felt truly satisfied."

His 1st EP,"The Fight Of Life", garnered his most popular song to date, “The Fight Of Life Ft. K-drama”, which won him the Barrie battle of the bands contest. ( He's been featured on 100 Huntley Street which is aired nationally. Collin Simpson has much more in store, currently working on his full length album, a long with "The Comeback Season Mixtape VOL.1" He has BIG plans to impact this generation. Get ready for a lot more!!