Collin Sylvester

Collin Sylvester


Awesome would be a good word to describe my sound. I am an acoustic artist with a bassist and a drummer. always looking to put on a fun, energetic show. You wont be let down when seeing the performance.


I am a 17 year old singer/ songwriter ready to entertain. I write all my own music and like to be different and switch up covers here and there. I am influenced from John Mayer and I think my music is worth giving a shot. You wont be disappointed either.


Dreams vs. Reality - My first 4 song EP ( available through CDbaby, Itunes, and amazon)

I have four tracks getting radio airplay off of Jango

Paper Hearts
Do you know what love is

Set List

Varies from day to day. Originals mixed with a couple songs people like to hear with an original feel to it. Always entertaining