Colonial PA

Colonial PA


Colonial PA is made up of 5 members of the ages 19 - 22. All with at least 6 years performing. The band puts on a show with great stage presents that gives a crowd of all ages a musical show full of technique and creative rhythm. Colonial PA is a Progressive Rock/ Jam Band with an original sound.


Colonial PA started out as a mainly central Iowa based band and has played shows across the Midwest. Now residing in Minneapolis, MN the band hopes to continue to reach out to more and more people. Colonial PA has been established for almost four and a half years now and have played many shows and accomplished many goals. With the newest addition of guitar player, Steve, the band has many new aspirations and a great blend of musical talent. Everyone in the band brings experience from previous bands, much practice, and all of the members of this now five man band have been playing for several years.

With creative and solid drum beats, amazing bass riffs, the three soaring guitars, and the great harmonization of the vocals, you get the rockin' music of Colonial PA. While being influenced by many great classic rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles; they still retain somewhat of a newer rock sound such as those in Brand New, Dave Matthews Band, Relient K, and more. You'll hear inspirations from jam bands in longer sets when Colonial PA will break out into improvisation, occasionally inviting guests to perform solos on brass or woodwind instruments. Their lyrics span various topics, giving their music something for all listeners to enjoy. There's never a dull moment at a Colonial PA show. The band offers music entertainment you'll need to see and be a part of.


Colonial PA has recently formed with new members as of late 2007. There are no CD's out right now. All though, live recordings are posted on websites with escalating views.

Set List

5 - 15 minutes of Improv
Again, the second hand passes the minute
Never Quite Satisfied
This One's on the House
Earthquakes vs. Great Plains
Norwegian Wood (Cover)
Improv Jam (If time left)

* The set list links together to play non-stop music, minimizing dead time.

The set listed above can fill an hour slot. Songs can be added or removed to work with differant time slots.