Seattle, Washington, USA

Colonies represents a love of dynamics, dissonance and melody with music that can be described as Experimental, Indie Rock. Colonies' EP Sleep Patterns was released August 24th, 2007 and is available on iTunes, their website, and at live shows. Also available is their full-length, Thirty Thousand.


Travis (Vocals/Guitar) and Christian (Guitar/Backup Vocals) have been writing music together in various bands since 1999. Adam (Bass) joined them in 2004. They all came together to form Colonies in early 2006 when Adrian (Percussion) joined forces with the rest of the guys. Since forming, Colonies have strived to create the most honest and sincere music that they can write. Coming from many different genres and musical styles contributes greatly to their collaborative writing style. Each member has equal input in how the songs get structured and arranged, so their collective visions for each song are a piece of each one of them. They feel that they are at a creative musical peak in their lives and utilize that when writing. Music is definitely their passion and they do their best to express that in each song they write.
On August 24th, 2007 Colonies released their first cd, Sleep Patterns, a series of songs that deal with geography and history as much as they deal with relationships. It was recorded in the summer of 2006 with their friend Randy Wheeler at his home studio. On December 18th, 2009 they released their first full-length effort - Thirty Thousand. They paid for both records completely out of their own pockets.
Colonies' influences include bands such as The National, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Band of Horses, Radiohead, and Broken Social Scene.


Songs From Sleep Patterns + Las Islas Malvinas

Written By: Colonies

Sleep Patterns

And when I sleep
there's nothing I hear inside my head.
And when I dream
I swear you're right there by my side

And when I wake
the silence is just too much to bear
And when I wake
you've gone

Good things come in twos and threes
and you were never meant to be
with someone who could make you feel that way

Good things come and good things go
and this, my darling, you should know
I would be there 'til the sunset fades away

Floating Fast

I'll come in through your window
In silence we'll depart
We'll set out for that country road
and fade into the dark

We'll take all of their lies and buy a new life
and when there's nothing left to say we'll sing this melody

Can't you see these three words floating fast?

Surrounded by these giants
you drift into your dreams
and when the morning comes I'll wake you
from your ancient sleep

(Rodeados por estos gigantes
Te caés y te dormís
Y en la mañana yo te haré despertar
De tus sueños y de mí)

Berlin! Berlin!

This was built to fall apart
to separate this work of art
and I will break on through to you
and I will break on through to you

Neither east nor west
but where the skies are best
and where the clouds they change
but nothing's ever the same
And through the wall
I swear I see your face
I know I see your face
Please tell me
How do you like it over there?

On the other side of this
Lies a chance I wouldn't miss
and I will break on through to you
and I will break on through to you

La Batalla de San Miguel

I'm on the front line
on the front line
on the front line
The trumpets sing
the trumpets sing
the trumpets sing your name

So ring out,
ring out tonight
It's the end of the days we fear
It's the end of the days we fear

I'm on the front line
on the front line
on the front line
The bayonets are cutting deeper still
cutting deeper still
cutting deeper still


In this cold forsaken tundra
with the silence that surrounds us
I feel the chords break in the air

Now the summer's slowly fading
I'm left broken by its changes
As these mountain walls reflect your stare

And I'm going to another place
And I'm going to another place
And I'm going to another place
And I'm going to another place

Through the thick black forest
on roads that wind before us
I make my way to my new home
And I am just a chapter
of a story that will hold you in suspense or in despair

Sing to Me

Give me something innocent
baby sing to me
baby sing to me
Give me something I can feel
when I count to three
and I'll count to three
And we'll go to the snow covered hills

This is our new language steeped in secrecy
with words that float out like bottles into the sea
This is our last getaway
Let's run while we can
Before the bottles break and fade into the ocean's sand

Tell me that your fear has left
on this autumn night
on this autumn night
The wind and rain and leaves will fade
with each passing day
right through winter's gate
And we'll go to the snow covered hills

Stevie Nixed

The fog rolls in
and I can see the way it
beads upon your draining hourglass
that you've deserted
It's just complacency
and the lure of engaging city streets

This is an image I've yet to wash away
This is an image I've yet to wash away

The ball drops
and I just hate the way it
clouds your senses
and dulls reality
Two white shadows are blending into one
while toasters take their oaths of silence

Las Islas Malvinas

Here it is
I'm going to the corner store
One more time before I go
One last chance before I know

Here we go in half time
I dream in half time
The ship sets sail at 6:09
Won't miss the battle cry

The time has come
The war's been waged but still I fear
of coming days, Malvinas near
of broken hearts and mothers' tears

Son nuestras
Son nuestras
Son nuestras
Son nuestras


Thirty Thousand is Colonies' first full-length record. It was locally released on December 18th, 2009. The entire album is streaming at Sleep Patterns (EP) was released August 24th 2007 and is available on iTunes as well as in our personal online store on our website.

Set List

Our set is 30-45 minutes long usually.

Silence and the Stain
Last Chance
Floating Fast
Las Islas Malvinas
Fairer Winds
These Southern Skies
Stevie Nixed