New York City, New York, USA

As a collective quintet, we in COLONY are all leaders, and take great joy in bringing out the best in each other's music. We all come from different backgrounds and have our own compositional voices, giving our music an eclectic blend of jazz, classical music, and rock. Our main goal is to inspire!


COLONY is a cutting-edge collective jazz quintet that came together at the Manhattan School of Music in March 2010, when pianist Angelo Di Loreto hand-picked 4 other outstanding musicians and friends to be part of a touring band that summer, with highlights including the Iridium Jazz Club in New York and the Deer Head Inn in Allentown, PA, and a performance at the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. While each member of the band comes from a different musical background, they unite in playing each other's music, and bring together each other's voices. Their music blends the jazz tradition, which each of them has studied in depth, and the music that speaks to each one of their hearts, often from their musical upbringing in their youth. As a result, the band contains elements of rock, contemporary classical music, blues, all underneath the jazz umbrella, often times within the span of one piece. The unique aspect is that everyone is a leader, and each member has a commanding presence, and each of us strives to play each other's music as if it were his own.

Notable Performances:

Iridium Jazz Club- New York, NY (8/10, 11/10, 2/11)
Chris’s Jazz Café- Philadelphia, PA (6/10)
Albright Knox Art Gallery- Buffalo, NY (6/11)
St. Peter's Church Jazz Vespers- (9/11)
Little E’s Jazz Club- Pittsburgh, PA (7/10)
The Deer Head Inn- Delaware Water Gap, PA (7/10)
Puppets Jazz Bar- Brooklyn, NY (6/10 and 9/10)
Caffe Vivaldi- New York, NY (6/10 and 9/10)
Miles’ Café- New York, NY (10/10, 12/10, 2/11)
Tutuma Social Club- New York, NY (3/10 and 6/10)
The Tea Lounge- Brooklyn, NY (4/10 and 6/10)


(In the process of releasing our first album!)

Set List

12 Hours, 2 Tickets
The Pursuit
Fantasia on a Theme of Samuel Barber
Joy Dance
(jazz standard)