Colony of Echoes

Colony of Echoes


Colony Of Echoes is a new psychedellic rock sound with mass appeal to both young and old audiences. Great live show, check out the video!


Colony Of Echoes hails from Orange County, California. Formed in March of 2006, this band has gained a lot of momentum since it's inception. Each of the band members have over 15 years of music experience, playing shows at establishments within the U.S.

Music speaks to people, some incorporate it in their lives, and for some music can be inspiring and motivating. In COE's music, each player can feel the connection between the lives we live, and their desire to play music and inspire the world!!!

Their S/T debut album was releasd in March 2007. For more music and information please visit:


Colony of Echoes (Self Titled) 2007

Set List

1. Disguise
2. Ingenious Psycho
3. Suicide in Portuguese
4. Impaled Upon the Spears of a Thousand Voices
5. Reverse Polarity
6. Bleeding on My Fate
7. Clouds
8. The Wait, The Fight, & The Glory
9. Solar Return

We have about an hour of music at this time but can arrange our set according to the time slots provided.