Color Channel

Color Channel

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Color Channel lives to make you dance, to make you shiver, to make you crack up, to make you scream, to make you run, to get you on the mend, to get you up and on and on and on.

First EP coming soon!


In the winter of 2010, Mat DelloRusso and J. Thomas began writing and recording synth-driven dance music under the name of Color Channel. The next summer saw the induction of Dylan Larkin on drums and Andrew Hoffman playing the bass.

Performing a spectral mix of dance, rock and psychedelic pop, Color Channel's short season as a band has displayed their increasing ability to work as a cohesive unit. Their live sound contains a surprising maturity and restraint, and a dedication to the greater musical good. They draw their less-is-more attitude from bands such as LCD Soundsystem, Flaming Lips, MGMT, Rainbow Team and Fleetwood Mac.

The members of Color Channel have spent the fall of 2011 creating an in-house studio and recording their inaugural release, while continuing to play live in the New England area.