Colorful Speech

Colorful Speech


A unique two-piece involving stand-up cello and acoustic guitar, Colorful Speech questions daily values with innovative instrumentals and an engaging live dynamic that audiences instantly pick up on.


****One of our songs, American Dreams, has been selected as Runner-Up for the VH-1 Song of the Year Songwriting Contest****

"I'm gonna have Wytold join me on the cello up here even though he doesn't know this tune - I call it Somewhere Else."

That's how it all started for Colorful Speech at the Coffee House in Moon, PA. One week we saw each other play and knew we liked what we heard, the next week Wytold improvised on stage to 'Somewhere Else'...then there was the week inbetween where Wytold transcribed guitar to cello for 'Emily' and worked on the backup vocals, and after he suprised Jason at the next Coffee House performance, the jamming was officially on.

Being a fresh and new band and combining the powers of Wytold and Jason Buzon, we are absolutely thrilled about our sound and where our music is going. We both have been writing songs for quite a while, so our only problem is that there is almost too much good music to choose from...We're having a great time figuring out new cello parts, revamping or spicing up old guitar parts, learning each other's songs, and especially harmonizing! The best thing is that we share a sense of knowing this is our time to really do something with our music - we've been dreaming of it forever, we've written songs critiquing the day-to-day lives of every one (including ourselves) who's ever wondered if there is something else out there or something more to life, and we both just went through rough, rough break-ups. It's time to get out and play some music.

We're now looking to get as many gigs as possible, and we'd love help with BOOKING - suggestions for places, offers for shows, whatever! If you're having a house party and want some music, let us know (even a dinner or tailgate party will do). Also, make sure to check back for updates - times are very exciting and we'll be sure to let you know all about it!



Written By: Jason Buzon


"Every day it's the same
And I'm off to work again
Is this how it's got to be?
There's nothing at all for me"?
She said, and then she switched her
Hands that held her chin,
"I don't know where to begin
It never ends, I'm paid to smile
I can't even be myself,
No one calls me Emily
No one even wants to know my name
And I am on my feet all day long
Concrete floors that they're on
Wearing down and they'll be gone"

And nobody sees that everybody will be
They'll be a little like me
Just too, too late for Emily

And I want to stand on the beach of a foreign land
One day I can make it there
I can make it anywhere but I'm tied
To a job that takes time from my life
I wonder what I could do
With the time to better use and oh
No, I'm paid to put a smile on my boss's face
How come we don't smile like them?
Don't you see the mess we're in? And oh
No, I can't see you tomorrow like I said
I've got to work again and every day after that

And nobody sees that everybody will be
TheyĆ¢'ll be a little like me
Just a little too late for Emily


Being a relatively new band, we are currently recording our first EP!

Set List

Angels, In the City, Tranquil and Calm, Emily, Somewhere Else, (Covers), Inside, Rocket Ship, American Dreams, Treasure Map, Old New, Further, Sleep Well...

We like to throw in a cover every now and then - we frequently do a cello solo version of Purple Haze/Since You Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson). Also, we'll perform tunes by Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Garth Brooks, Led Zepplin, and Bob Dylan.