Turza Śląska, Silesian Voivodeship, POL

"Coloriage" in French means: painting, and the music we play is like painting: spontaneous, full of expression, multicoloured, energetic. Against the velvet sound of bass guitar and the multivoiced percussion, the now lively, now nostalgic accordion and violin sing melodies from across cultures.


The name COLORIAGE (French: colouring, painting) accurately describes the group’s music: audacious, full of expression, multicoloured. It is a collaboration of Marcin Wyrostek, an outstanding Polish accordion player, with Mateusz Adamczyk (violin), Piotr Zaufal (bass guitar), and Krzysztof Nowakowski (drums). The group has performed at festivals and concerts both home and abroad, in countries such as the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Scotland, the USA, or Hungary. The musicians perform new arrangements of classical compositions and jazz standards, and their concerts are energetic and lively performances inspired by folk music – Balkan, Hungarian, Greek, Roma, French, Latin-American, Polish, and Klezmer.


"Magia del Tango", Tango Corazon Quintet (July 2009)
"Marcin Wyrostek & Coloriage" (November 2011)