Color Me Once

Color Me Once

 Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Color Me Once is an acoustic/soul duo based out of Madison, WI. The band features the soulful voice of Johnice Miller and the intricate and melodic accompaniment of Kelsey Nelson. Utilizing guitar, mandolin, keyboard, and bell kit the duo emits a soothing and unique sound that is sure to win hearts.

Color Me Once released their acoustic EP, "Memoirs," in March 2012 and is currently working on a full-length album. Their song "Rollercoaster," which has been deemed an instant crowd-pleaser.


Madison, Wisconsin brings out a color of the midwest that is almost never seen. Johnice and Kelsey first collaborated in September of 2011, and together they created a vision for a band and thus Color Me Once was formed. They have a strong passion for their music that shows on stage and captivates audiences. Several of their musical influences include: Blind Pilot, Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Lauryn Hill.

Color Me Once's guitarist Kelsey Nelson, has been playing various instruments since the age of 12. Kelsey balances emotion and passion to win hearts of listeners. Her intricate soothing accompaniment mixed with her love of music add a distinct layer to the bands already unique sound. Color Me Once singer, Johnice Miller, picked up guitar for the first time at 20 years old. She has a natural born talent and has begun to hone her craft. Johnice's voice is a soul and folk infused mixture that emits a beautiful and calming sound.

Color Me Once is a young band with great potential. They have an avid following and can bring fans wherever they play. Color Me Once has a bright future ahead of them and they've only scratched the surface!


Memoirs EP - March 2012

Track 01 - Rollercoaster
Track 02 - Kryptonite
Track 03 - Sol
Track 04 - Juliet
Track 05 - You and I (Ingrid Michaelson cover)
Track 06 - Dead