Color on Canvas

Color on Canvas

 New York City, New York, USA

Color on Canvas is a Rock/Pop band based out of New York. For fans of the Fray, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Keane, Kings of Leon, and anyone who wants to check us out! We've opened for Anberlin and Guster in the past few months, and you're gonna have a great time at our show.


To defy classification: it's one of the most common goals in the music industry. Artists from every genre agree that no one likes being lumped into a category, and neither do we. Does our music stump the most incisive rock critic? Will the writers of Pitchfork loose sleep trying to invent a new genre to put us in? Of course not, but while you might think that one of our songs belongs to pop, rock, jazz, indie metal, sub indie rock prog jazz pop, or any other label conjured up by someone outside our rehearsal studio, please know that what we aim to create are songs that are true to themselves, and not to any scene or subcategory. Why can't it be possible for a song to simply exist in itself, free from the third party standards of genre? On that note, if you conclude that one of our tracks is a "pop" song, then know it's pop for pop's sake, and not because we want to be the next Maroon 5 (though wouldn't that be nice). If you come across a "rock" song, know that it's rock for rock's sake, and not because we want to be a Zeppelin tribute band. At its core, Color on Canvas is about allowing all of our influences to surface in the music, knowing that while some songs travel in different directions, they are all true in that they come from the same source.


Songs for Strangers

Set List

City of Glass
This for You
Will You Follow
Sweet Ammo
Vindictive Love
Are We Greater
Come and Go
Not Here
The March