Colorphic is a musician from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


Don't be surprised by what you hear. No drums, bass or piano. Just acoustic guitars.

"I've found a comfort level with my songs", says David Carr. Carr is the lone member of Colorphic, a pseudonym for the singer songwriter from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. "When I began writing and playing 12 years ago I unconsciously drew from my major influences. The songs were good but they were missing the musical punch. I found the punch while busking at the local market.

David Carr's music is all about rhythmic guitar set against crafty lyrics. "I twisted the formula. I let the guitar sing and the songs play." And it works beautifully. His eponymous album features five songs.

Like many Army brats, Carr spent many years living and traveling overseas. He says growing up in Germany was a unique experience. "My musical ear is eclectic. I listened to Kraftwerk, Chic, Style Council, Bryan Ferry, Robert Cray and lots of Slave."

Carr is looking forward to playing his new and 50 original older songs in front of audiences. "I'm not very polished but I love playing the guitar and writing songs. It took time to realize that I'm better off creating my own voice and sound."

That's exactly what Colorphic has done. His music is uniquely his own and enriched by a Washburn jumbo guitar. "I don't like plugging my guitar into an amplifier. It's got a big sound that reaches people from a couple meters."