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"This is a great band playing music that will continue to grow on you after a few listens."

Richard Stockwell, Cranium Music, New-Zealand

"...It's merely a fantastic album that I will enjoy for many years to come. Not too shabby... The most original aspect of colorStar's style is the inventive use of vocal embellishments, apart from the rare 'lyrical' vocals. Guitarist András Keleti sometimes recites poetic verse (mainly English), often chants in some strange language (pretty sure it's not Hungarian though... more like Tibetan), and 'half-sings' once or twice... "Heavenicetrip!" is such a good name for this excellent album. An hour's worth of just about everything that's great about 90's spacerock all piled into one small piece of plastic... One of the year's best, last year that is!"

Keith Henderson, Aural Innovations, October 1999

"More superb Hungarian psychedelia. This is one of the most totally awesome releases we've heard in a long while, with all manner of trippy effects mixed in with Middle Eastern/Eastern European styled space rock and world music. Dare we say it but this is better than The Ozrics! The acid must be better in Hungary than it is here!"

Freak Emporium, United Kingdom, 1999

"Eagerly awaited new material from the Hungarian band whose Heavenicetrip album was one of Freak Emporium's surprise best sellers of 1999. Three new tracks (one a remix) take the sound into a more obvious dance dimension, while still retaining the stranger, spacier elements. This will certainly do until the next album."

Freak Emporium, United Kingdom, 2000

"It has been the most promising band of progressive electronic rock (or what) for years... it is a unique and well-proportioned medley of traditional music and the latest electronic trends. They combine styles with an inherent openness and playfulness ranging from rolling drum 'n' bass (live!) via lyricism to dub and ambient made exotic by mixing in some world music as well... They invite us on a pleasant and easy-flowing but highly psychedelic trip to travel far and wide and to experience an upsetting and relaxing extasy of feeling and music."

Szörnyi Kriszta, Trafik Minizin

"Their music based on energic-enthusiastic structures finished to perfection can best succeed on stage. As the audience is an organic part of it, the real feeling is created at the concerts."

Pesti Est, September 2001

"... Colorstar keep their concerts' standard high, which is a rarity. There is nothing to complain about their instrumental abilities... ColorStar's music - well, it makes you think. It is not a direct effect, although you can dance at it if you want, but you have to accept it, open your mind and allow it to be flooded by images and free association. I, for one, was quite happy although I did not make a move at all... I had dreams of interstellar space and strange planets (as you can read on the CD, 'ideal for space research' - I can confirm that.) If you do not like sci-fi, you can think of savannas and sunshine as my girlfriend did. You are free to select your destination...", March 2001

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1999 1.999 (EP)
2001 Via la Musica (LP)
2008 colorStar de Luxe (Live DVD)
2009 (untitled LP)

Six steps on the moon (Heavenicetrip!), Morning Call (Via la musica)
One more slip (Komfort), Roam the land (2009)- MR2 Petõfi Radio, Radio Café and other smaller radios



ColorStar were born in 1996. Initial influences include electronica, world music and burgeoning at their junction, ethno-techno, a hybrid of folk music and fresh instrumentation and approach, post-rock, and 60’s-70’s space rock. These inspirations and the band’s own ideas all cumulated on the 1998 debut album HeavenIceTrip!, subtitled Xplode Your TV n’ Make Your Own Movie. Following suit, ColorStar aim to integrate visuals into their show to elevate it to an art show.

ColorStar quickly rose to the top of the flowering live dance music scene, alongside Másfél and Korai Öröm, played most major festivals, toured clubs nationwide, before releasing the 1999 EP consisting of two new tracks and a remix by themselves. By this time, ColorStar had toured France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Turkey.

Their sophomore album, Via La Musica of 2001, turned out lighter than the more prog-rock-influenced debut, zooming in on electronic dance music, easy listening and nu jazz.

Komfort, Colorstar’s third album released in 2004, marked a change from mostly instrumental music to more traditional song writing, bringing back „classic” rock-jazz guitar solos as well as electronic instrumentation. The following years were devoted to touring, as the band was continuously invited to all major Hungarian festivals and Romania.

To commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary on 28 October 2006, an impressive 3-hour gig had been organised in Petõfi Csarnok with several guest musicians and an audience of 1500. This gave birth to the „ColorStar de Luxe” performance, which adds vocalists, a brass and a string section to the band.

ColorStar de Luxe, a live DVD to commemorate the band’s 10th anniversary was released in 2008, followed by their untitled fourth LP in 2009.