Colors You Can't See

Colors You Can't See


Colors You Can't See's For Better or Worse EP is full of passion and emotion. Each song tell's it's own story that the listener can dial into because they are everyday things that people deal with. You wil find yourself lost in our music as if we were singing your life story, instead of ours.


CYCS is a rock band with a sprinkle of post-hardcore, a dash of progressive rock, and a whole plateful of pop-punk. The first course is a collection of catchy and routinely positive lyrics, sung absolutely in key, amidst dancing and audience hugging to get those ear drums popping. The next is a barrage of crunchy, tasty guitar riffs that come with the disclaimer, "This product may cause hearing loss, severe dizziness due to induced headbanging, arousal for up to 10 hours, and shredding lead guitar that may rip your soul out and cause your face to melt completely off your body." And for the main course we're serving up a platter of snare and tom-to-tom clatter that will make you tap the toes right off your foot with a side of bass and bass drum intent on thumping your bones out of socket. Bon appetit


For Better or Worse, but More Like Ourselves (Aug. 23, 2008)

Set List

Danny at the Wheel
Eighty Proof
Flatlines for Circles
Out of Empyrean
Weekend at Rise
This is Only Catching
The Way and What's for Good