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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Psychedelic




"Color You Paints a Great Picture with New EP, ‘Grand Trine’"


Color You wants to make the world better by painting a great picture for us all.

Color You has a new EP, Grand Trine, and this is an excellent work by a band that not only presents a great retro ’90s sound but also spins that sound into the future. And for Color You, the future definitely has bright tones.

The Los Angeles based band consists of Ben Ross (vocals/guitar), Brian Han (bass/vocals), Drew Stutz (drums) and Theo Eckhardt (guitar/vocals). They’re alternative with a pop feel. Purists may say they sound a little commercial, but today with the music business as challenging as it it, commercial can be good.

Color You is a band that’s been quietly gaining a following around Southern California and has been impressing the fans with lively sounds and cool tunes. Before long this band will break big.

Grand Trine is a collection of some upbeat songs that make the perfect background while driving in your car along Coast Highway or while sitting in a coffee shop in at the beach. In any event, Grand Trine by Color You is definitely worth checking out.

The guys say they “make music about space, objects and the in-between.”

OK, not sure what that means, but it works, regardless.

It’s no surprise these guys are connecting to their audience. Color You has a mission to turn their love of music into their occupation. They want people to get on the same track and not define themselves by a job title.


“We start to think about what we’re supposed to do with our lives and how we’re supposed to live … but the truth is we’re already doing it,” said Theo. “The purpose is to live. We get so hung up on the labels that society tells us to be… but we’re so much more than labels that we give ourselves because we can do anything we’re passionate about what we’re passionate about can become our purpose.”

Track listing: 1. The Grand Trine 2. In Tune 3. Empty 4. Shine Through 5. Same Old Story 6. Savior 7. Again Again - West Coast Rocker

"Color You – “Lady In Blue”"

“Lady In Blue” provides an immediate dose of ’90s nostalgia, its melody and structure sounding somehow simultaneously familiar and refreshing. The scaled-back hook at the 30-second mark works nicely, further enhancing the distortion-friendly power-pop that follows until 01:10, when a crunchy subdued section provides another interlude of sorts. And being stylistically true-to-heart, there’s a fun Weezer-esque guitar solo that follows, helping close out “Lady In Blue” as an exciting and no-doubt infectious effort. While predictable in a sense, “Lady In Blue” is a blast-from-the-past alt-rock success with an assortment of well-executed hooks. The act, formed in 2013 with roots from Northern Alabama/Southern California and currently residing in Los Angeles, looks to be on the rise. - Obscure Sound

"Color You "Shine Through" Review"

Color You

“Shine Through”

The L.A.-based act known as Color You shapes out a psych-tinged indie rock sound that surrounds the listener like a warm, ocean-scented breeze. “Shine Through” comes to us from the band’s 8-track release, The Grand Trine, and captivated our interest with its summertime vibe. Give the single a listen below and shake of some of that autumn chill. If you like what you’re hearing, check out The Grand Trine from Color You here. - Yab Yum West

"Listen if you like: Kings of Leon – 'Empty' Review"

Okay seriously Kings of Leon can make the house shake. There aren’t very many bands that can really hang with them, but these three emerging indie rock bands deserve to be in that conversation. There’s an energy to each of these tracks that is quintessentially rock and roll. Give them a spin!

Color You – “Empty”
-Okay so maybe Weezer and Kings of Leon aren’t exactly the same kind of rock music, but to me there’s a direct parallel between these bands. This song in particular jumps out as a must listen jam. There’s a deep existential crisis embedded in the lyrics, which is about as punk as you can get. Then the pop punk vocals are really perfect, making the song pop nicely. It’s actually some of the unconventional sonic elements, which I assume to be distortions on the guitar, that create new age textures, allowing the song to generate its own energy not made in the image of any other bands. - Ear to the ground music

"iheartmoosiq 'Lady in Blue' review"

Los Angeles rock band Color You snagged a firm hold of my ears earlier today with their new album The Grand Trine, an eight track compendium that includes a rollicking cut named Lady In Blue. This chugging jam carries hints of punk and garage in its scuzzy flourishes, heavily reminding me of San Francisco’s own WATERS with a touch of Oakland’s SWMRS. It’s quite the ravishing listen, and but one of many off of The Grand Trine, which you can stream in full on Soundcloud and purchase from iTunes. - iheartmoosiq

"Color You: The Grand Trine"

Color You: The Grand Trine
By: Ralph Greco
color-youColor You
The Grand Trine

Buy it at Amazon!

L.A.’s Color You has just released The Grand Trine. Opening with the title track, which is just a snippet of movie dialogue and wind sound effects, we are quickly into the jangly “In Tune.” The harmonies here work very well (guitar player Theodore Eckhardt, as well as bassist Brian Han sing here) and the guys seem to know how to lay back in service to a tune. I like how Han’s simple but effective bass thrumping basically roams forward on the heavier track “Empty” with its slicing guitar choruses, where again we get good use of harmony vocals in the verses and “ooos” and “woos.” “Empty”‘s ending is almost Ramones-like, dare I say, and by the time we have Drew Stutz snapping his rimshot at the last verse and things explode again into the cutting metallic chorus, you are singing along. “Lady In Blue” is a big driving number, with heavy power chords moving, those sing-songy lead vocals from Ben Ross echoing in a big splash-back effect, while a strummed acoustic mainly drives “Again Again,” the tune that ends The Grand Trine. The big sweeping strings here create the perfect bed for Ross to sound about the sweetest he can across the whole album. I think Color You has lots to say on The Grand Trine, and mostly when they can get slightly ahead of their cleverness, they do say it well. - Shortandsweetnyc

"REVIEW: Color You "The Grand Trine""

“We make music about space, objects and the in-between.”

This is Los Angeles based band Color You.


By category, they fall somewhere in the alternative rock spectrum, easily tapping into the loud/soft dynamic of modestly exposing versus that crash into bursts of distorted and dissonant anger. But never too angry… I mean… c’mon… look at these guys. These are the fellas in that band, that helps the other bands load in. And the world is better for groups like this, even if their sense of rock fashion is, ‘anything that will melt a retina from 20 yards away’. I suspect it’s the Alabama/Southern California mash-up of its members now residing in LA that accounts for the cutting edge clothes.

But this is about the music of Color You, which has been captured on their debut album that came out in October of 2016 called, “The Grand Trine”.

Image result for Color You The Grand Trine

The release is full of honey sweet vocals courtesy of Ben Ross that drape across melodies that sometimes get an edge, but mostly jangle along thoughtful paths. There are subtle psychedelic alt-rock moments that evoke a ‘Foster the People staking out a Pixies practice’ type of influence that gives the album unexpected flourishes of creativity and depth. Eight tracks of tight, yet easy going rock nuggets with a small undercurrent of longing. Whatever radio waves that embraced Kings of Leon with so much passion should line up a Color You song or two in the next playlist.

After a spoken word opener (the band is fond of these) the first true song is a track called, ‘In Tune’ that should slide in nicely next to any MGMT record. Shining guitars that shimmer behind earnest vocals and catchy arrangements complete with the millennial whoop of ‘oooo aaaa oooo’ vocal lines.

The embracing tone of Ben Ross’s voice backed with the solid harmonies on ‘Empty’ collide nicely with big alt-rock choruses. This would tour well with Violent Soho, a band who sound like a more angsty Weezer/Smashing Pumpkins hybrid. Color You utilizes big pop hooks that can get away with backing vocals that go ‘ooooh ooooh ooooh oooh and aaaah aaaah aaaah aaaah’ that somehow sound like they belong there because… what else would you put there? That is the power of a solid pop song.

‘Savior’ is a high bar rocker, with punchy guitar leads and verses suspended over solo bass lines. Clocking in as one of the more tension filled numbers on this release, the catch and hook have a radio ready vibe built in without necessarily neutering the sound to get there.

‘Again Again’ is more humble number, acoustic driven with lonely vocals and some distant backing strings. There is something inherently sad about a violin/cello… whatever they are using for the strings to support the guitar. They weep with sound and soak up most of the sadness, but always leave a little puddle just for you. ‘But not all hope is lost’ declare the drums that spark to life at the halfway mark, raising both tempo and spirits that carry the song away into the distance with a light shining brightly to guide their way. And just before Color You disappears again on the horizon, you notice they left you with a message (delivered in a sample of spoken word dialog from Alan Watts), “The whole process of nature is an integrated process of immense complexity, and it is really impossible to tell whether anything that happens in it is good or bad. Because you never know what will be the consequences of the misfortune, or you never know what will be the consequences of good fortune.”

The band has generously put their entire album up for a listen. If you like it… support it by purchasing the music off the band’s BandCamp site here>>> Color You Bandcamp. It’s something people used to do… buy music and support the artists who created it. Crazy, huh? - Modern Fix

"New Music Review: COLOR YOU "The Grand Trine""

Content is protected please visit the website. - Infrared Magazine

"Evening Music Break Color You "The Grand Trine""

November 16, 2016
Chad Thomas
"The Grand Trine" by Color You

Thick baselines underscore the fluid guitar work throughout “ The Grand Trine”. Color You is a Northern Alabama influenced L.A. based quartet who have put a modern twist on 60's rock, with more energy yet still possessing that good old hippie vibe. Chunky riffs with a rolling groove, Color You reminds me a bit of Radio Head (if Thom Yorke wasn't so depressed all the time) blended with The Struts.
Overall, "The Grand Trine” is a really well rounded album; with high-quality production & mixing I think a lot of you will dig this album. Even track eight, the final track, exposes a Simon & Garfunkle-esk ability to beautifully harmonize creating multiple layers of stunning sound. - Concrete Wave Magazine

"Color You: The Grand Trine"

This four-piece from the Los Angeles/San Diego area have released their new eight-song album of a mixture of psychedelic rock, alternative and a touch of late ’80s British indie. The band consists of Ben Ross (vocals/guitar), Brian Han (bass/vocals), Drew Stutz (drums) and Theo Eckhardt (guitar/vocals).

The album starts off with a spoken word intro and kicks off with first real song “In Tune,” which shows off the mix of sounds perfectly. The playing is a bit gritty in places, but then becomes soft and gentle and the soaring vocals are amazing. “Empty” is a fast-paced song with wobbling bass guitar and energy to spare. This thrilling song is one that would get the audience up off of their seats and jumping up and down in a live setting, hell, it pretty much did that to me in my house. Love this song! “Same Old Story” has that great bass in it again, and really sounds like British indie with the effects added and the punkish sound. “Lady In Blue” continues in the same vein and just makes this album even better. “Savior” is a post punk song that has blistering guitar work, that incredible bass, pounding drums and edgy lead vocals mixed with some gang vocals. ending with “Again Again,” a soft and melancholy song makes sense, you need to chill out after the highs of the previous songs and the sing-song feel of this track makes you sort of smile because of the beauty of it.

All that I can really say is WOW! I mean seriously, this had the makings of a perfect album for me, except for the intro, mostly because I’m not an intro kind of guy, I like getting to the meat of the album right away. The production was flawless and the band sure can play, plus the vocals were perfect on every track, nothing over the top, just pure excellence all the way through. This will be on the replay pile for a long time. - Altered Frequencies

"Color You 'The Grand Trine'"

Color You is an alternative rock band from Northern Alabama/Southern California and currently residing in Los Angeles. Consisting of Ben Ross (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Brian Han (vocals, bass), Theodore Eckhardt (vocals, guitar) and Drew Stutz (drums), the band was formed in 2013 and has released The Grand Trine in October 7, 2016 for alternative, psychedelic and punk lovers everywhere.

The Grand Trine opens with the title-track with an interlude where we have an announcer speaking in an instructional tone. Further into the track, it appears to be a hypnotist speaking as he countdowns to our awakening.

“In Tune” starts off with catchy hooks and vocals that harmonizes with waves of melodic and sonic fervor. There is an echoing effect to the track with spiraling reverb from the guitars that gives off a psychedelic feel.

“Empty” shows the band coloring outside the lines as this out of the box technique shows the rendering of some very danceable tunes. The care-free attitude and trippy guitar reverberations will sate the punk rock lover in you.

“Shine Through” melds melodious, contagious sounds with effective music to give you a swaying and colorful overarching of eclectic cadences. With its wave of sonic sounds and grating, spiraling guitars, this shows that Color You definitely shines.

Favorites from the album have to include “Lady in Blue,” “In Tune,” and “Empty,” all of which undulates with a sound that is galactic and straight out of this world. The grandiose, joyful and unfiltered music transports the listener into a different state of mind.

The energetic and uplifting tunes give off the impression that Color You would be great to listen to live. Embedded into these tracks are a mixture of genres from psychedelic to punk rock, folk rock and grunge.

In the tradition of Modest Mouse, Bright Eyes and Nirvana, Color You delivers the same type of unadulterated music that only a great live band could achieve. Be sure you give The Grand Trine a listen today! 7.7/10

My Nguyen -

"Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Color You’s “Lady in Blue”"

Written by: Jen Dan

Californian pysch-rock/alt-rock band Color You dropped its latest album, The Grand Trine, this past October. Ben Ross (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Theo Eckhardt (guitar, vocals), Brian Han (bass, vocals), and Drew Stutz (drums), who come from Southern California and Alabama, settled in Los Angeles and San Diego and formed Color You in 2013.

Recent upbeat lead single “Lady in Blue” is an exultant alternative rock track that recalls hits of the alt-‘90s/modern rock era. The verses swing to and fro with a stop ‘n’ go pace of plunging distorted guitar strikes and strutting drum hits, then quickly segue into sweeping, yet still choppy, chorus sections filled with murky bassline undertow, thick jags of guitar scintillation, and Ross’s swooping, tuneful vox as he proclaims with joyful ardor, “I’ve been waitin’ for you / Oh my lady in blue.”

Find out more about Color You: - Stereo Embers Magazine


Out of Retrograde - Self Release February 2014

The Grand Trine- Self Release October 2016

Color You Preface- Self Released May 21st 2019


Livin' Lovin' Dyin'- Preface (2019)

Something to Say- Preface (2019)

Mercury in Retrograde- Preface (2019)

Empty - The Grand Trine (2016)

Lady in Blue- The Grand Trine (2016)



Color You is an alternative/ psychedelic rock band currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of Ben Ross (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keys), Theodore Eckhardt (Guitar/ Vocals), Brian Han (Bass/ Vocals), and Drew Stutz (Drums/ Vocals). Their latest release "Color You Preface" is compilation of three singles from their upcoming three part album "Fantasy, Nightmare, Daydreams." The three singles range from psychedelic synth driven rock with catchy melodies to high energy psychedelic pop rock'n'roll with a galactic philosophical context. The "Color You Preface" is available now on all media platforms. 

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