Color You

Color You

 Los Angeles, California, USA

We make music about space, objects, and the in-between.


Color You is an alternative/ psychedelic rock band currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. The band consists of Ben Ross (Vox and Guitar), Theodore Eckhadt (Guitar and Vox), Brian Han (Bass and Vox), and Drew Stutz (Drums). Their latest release "The Grand Trine" is packed full of catchy melodies, and high energy rock, in a galactic philosophical context. The Grand Trine is available on all media platforms. 



Written By: Color You,Ben Ross

Sentiments are nice
My laments they come back
At night

What's wrong with me
I just want to be free
But I love money
But I feel so empty

Got my gold and
Diamond rings
Convince myself that's
What happy means

What's wrong with me
I just want to be free
But I love money
Oh I feel so empty
Yeah I feel so empty

Gave my furs and
Jewels away
Replaced them with the will to change

We're born complete
Just forgot it's a dream
So let your mind be free
Yeah I'm done being empty
So I'm done being empty


Out of Retrograde - Self Release February 2014

The Grand Trine- Self Release October 2016


Empty - The Grand Trine (2016)

Lady in Blue- The Grand Trine (2016)