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Colossal Oz is a five piece original hard rock band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The unique musicianship and stylings of each individual in the band bring together a powerful and sonic sound that is not easily categorized. Powerful yet melodic vocal arrangements complemented by soaring, tasteful guitar work are brought together by solid and well placed bass guitar, and surrounded by powerful, driving drums. The band brings to the table a sound that is all thier own, while making the listener feel comfortable, as if they have always known the songs. The band is unique in it's sound because they fuse together all different spectrums of rock and roll music. From a modern feel, to classic sounding tones and melodies, Colossal Oz is a breath of fresh air to lovers of rock and roll music. The music and it's meaning is never hidden behind a thousand notes or underneath a thousand effects. The music is organic and raw, just the way rock music was meant to be.

*********THE STORY OF COLOSSAL OZ*********
A year and a half ago the members of the band Colossal Oz were all living in opposite corners of the country. Here is the story of glory. Chris and Mark had been planning putting the band together since they ended their former band, Addison and Greed six years ago. This was next to impossible considering Mark had moved to Anaheim, CA, and was happy soaking in the sun, while Chris stayed in Harrisburg to perform and tour with a few other local bands. The phone conversations about the reformation of the project never stopped throughout the time they were apart. This idea would start becoming reality in the fall of 05’ when Mark made the decision to move back to the east coast. The ball was set in motion, and the talks about who would round out the lineup began. Like a crazy twist of fate, they realized that their secret weapon had moved back to the east coast as well. While in Durango, Co, Johnny Ringo had been tearing up the slopes and many lovely ladies as well. He heard his inner voice calling and without any previous convo with Mark or Chris, made the trip back home. The man behind interplanetary time travel was back, and the Core was back to life after six years dead. Now it was time to find a singer. A figment of Chris’s imagination named Eric was mentioned to Mark and John, but they had come to the conclusion that the invisible man from Chris's brain that was once rumored to front the aforementioned Addison and Greed had slipped into the Bermuda Triangle on a fishing trip that had set sail from beautiful Key West, FL where the inviz was a world class bartender. He was in Key West serving up concoctions of magic and much love, and was also sending female tourists back to their homelands with many ravaging stories to tell. After a few months of conjuring the dark spirits, the Invisible Man finally showed his face at Casa de Hoff on a cold dark winter’s night. Although he was a tough pony to wrangle, Ves, as we like to call him, had finally come back from the triangle to do what it is he was put on this earth to do. The music started coming to life, and it was a big, fat screaming baby with infant bi-polar disorder and a small tinge of insanity. There was one thing missing that was stopping the music from being finished, a bass player. After a few dead end auditions, Ves, against his will was going to be forced into being the bassist. But then on a foggy trip to Newport, where many walls were being hit, the door slowly crept open and from behind the frosted glass emerged a beast so vicious, so utterly insane, that we had no choice other than to immediately offer him the bassist job even though he owned no bass guitar and was a full fledged guitarist. Ryan was without a doubt the final piece of the puzzle, and his skill on guitar immediately transcended onto the bass. The insane baby, now completely grown, had mutated into a massive giant with a heavy fist but with a footstep as light and soft as a newborn. The giant finally started to develop his motor skills, and soon began to walk. As he walked through the local village, many of the curious onlookers wandered who this giant was, and what it was that he really came here to do. The villagers immediately surrounded the giant with their pitchforks and demanded answers to their questions. The giant just gave a blank stare because he had no name and no answers. Just then the breath of the one they call Ves rushed past the giant’s ear and the giant said to the people, “My name is Colossal Oz.” Right then the Beast from the forest jumped onto the giant’s shoulder and gave him reassurance and courage, then suddenly inspired by the memory of his maker, The Core, the giant exclaimed “I’m here to dominate, to take control, and to show all of you the light that will guide you on the path to righteousness. With a total saturation of your brains, and your complete understanding, I will show you once again what is truly real.” This is the story of Colossal Oz.