Mix the groove of Helmet, the aggression of Machine Head, and the power of Pantera and you get the direction and musical style of Atlanta's own COLOSSICK!


COLOSSICK is a four piece metal band from Atlanta Georgia determined to deliver the biggest and boldest sound to the masses as possible. This determination has stemmed from a history of pushing heavy music to the next level and striving for recognition, but never compromising integrity or overall attitude. COLOSSICK, a name derived from the Greek god of war “Colossus” mixed with the slang term “sick”, can be described as one huge wall of sound. Metal influences from the early ‘80’s to the present day have shaped the band into what has been revered as one of the loudest most energetic live bands on the regional music circuit. Atlanta Rock states that COLOSSICK is “heavy, aggressive, and uncompromising.” Volume Magazine reported that “concrete riffs, gripping harmonics, bleeding feedback, and power grooves put COLOSSICK in the category of loud rock/metal band”, although, “if you like an exciting live show, you will enjoy a COLOSSICK performance regardless of your musical taste.” The band’s current lineup is Tom Blair, lead vocals and guitar, Justin Whitley, bass and backing vocals, Jeremy Kidd, drums and percussion, and Brock Hale, rhythm and lead guitars.

In 2004 the band was invited to attend The Atlanta Film Festival where a debut of the independent film, “The Delivery Boy Chronicles”, featured the band’s song “Everything and More” in the movie. Also that year the band had the chance to open for several national acts including Stuck Mojo, Six Feet Under, Byzantine, and Ill Nino. COLOSSICK has participated in several competitions and conferences such as the Atlantis Music Conference in 2004 - 2007, and the Emergenza International Band Competition in 2005, where COLOSSICK made it to the finals and was given the chance to perform at one of Atlanta’s biggest venues, EarthLink Live (now Center Stage). COLOSSICK also made it to the final round at the Sweetwater Showdown Competition in September of that same year. In 2007 COLOSSICK headlined the “Spreading The Seed” Tour and rather than entering competitions, took a different track and toured as much regionally as possible to promote the name.

Tom Blair of COLOSSICK recorded and produced the band’s debut E.P. entitled “The Seed”. This 5 song release has received much acclaim on the local and regional level. Southeast Performer Magazine in July of 2006 was one of the first to review it stating that the E.P. “brings huge guitars, vicious screams, and solid rhythm to the table”. The band has sold over 1000 copies of “The Seed” up and down the east coast over the last two years and west coast touring plans will be made after the official release of the band’s upcoming full length debut entitled “A King Is Born”. The band plans to release this in the spring of 2008 and follow it up with a promotional tour in the summer of 2008. The band takes care of its own artwork for the packaging, sets up its own tours, and is currently building the new studio where it will record the new full length. The band is always looking for opportunities to move ahead in the industry but also carries a sense of pride in accomplishing so much independently and working hard to obtain its goals.

The band, with the help of Marty P. and David Pampel, produced and released a full length COLOSSICK DVD entitled “THIS IS MY ATTITUDE…” which is a line from the song “Crumble Down”. It was released at the end of 2006, loaded with videos, interviews, behind-the-scenes footage of the band, and is a great way to get to know the band, its music, and check out the music video/mini movie for the song, “Crumble Down”. This release was a huge success for the band, and although never was distributed officially, it gets sold at all the shows and used as a successful promotional tool.

The band toured their asses off in 2007 to promote "The Seed" and "This Is My Attitude", with the intentions of recording later in the year. Studio construction started at the beginning of 2008 and the band began to lay tracks for their debut upcoming full length release entitled, "A King Is Born". The band plans to release their new material under their own label in the summer of 2008 and is currently searching for a distribution deal

COLOSSICK music can be heard on Atlanta’s WREK 91.1FM “Wreckage” metal show, as well as Macon GA’s Q106FM The Rock Station on their “Homegrown” show, and more recently on the “Project Homegrown” show on 96.1FM Project 9-6-1. The band has acquired sponsorships from No Fear and Jagermeister. The band is managed privately by Tom Carling in Atlanta with Carling Hill Management.


Crumble Down

Written By: Tom Blair

Throw yourself away
Pick right up

Man has come, to see that life that leads him
He has fought, the fears that build inside him
Wages war, with thoughts that overtake him
He must die, to leave those bags behind

I am crumbling down
This is my attitude, I am in doubt
I will wear the crown
Get my head off these problems and pull my way out

Overblown, a life that once confused him
He must know, his sacrifice
Time will tell, a life transferred anger
He must die, to leave those bags behind

This is my attitude, I want to amend
Want to amend
I'm dead to the world I know
I'm dead to revenge
Dead to revenge
This is my new attire
I break from my mold
Break from my mold
I'm no longer sickened, weak, or


"The Seed" EP was released on December 2nd, 2005. It contains five tracks and one bonus tribal drum track that is unlisted. The bonus track was a special part of the recording process that the band wanted to include as part of the overall recording. Colossick has performed the tribal drum track in a special "drum line" performance three times in its career with the third time as a part of the "Crumble Down" music video shoot that took place in July of 2006 at the Darkside Club in Marietta Georgia.

"Crumble Down" has been featured on 96.1FM
Project 9-6-1 radio station on the "Project Homegrown" show hosted by Aaron Hickman. Aaron has been a huge supporter of Colossick and the Atlanta scene and has spun "Crumble Down" several times on his show. Tim Hurd from 91.1FM WREK has featured Colossick's music several times on the world famous "Wrekage" show. He has played "Crumble Down", "Save Yourself", and "Drawing the Nail" on several different occasions in support of promotion for the band's upcoming shows.

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The new DVD entitled "This Is My Attitude..." is out now and comes packed with interviews, behind the scenes footage, musical performances and highlights, the Crumble Down music video, and so much more!! Buy the new DVD at any upcoming Colossick shows (soon to be uploaded into a merch store on the web) for $10. Its well worth it and if you'd like to get to know the band a little better this is the best way to check us out!!


Set List

A typical Colossick set that lasts 50 minutes usually involves these songs:
Crumble Down
Save Yourself
The Truth
Driving Me
Everything and More
Drawing the Nail
The Tie That Binds

At certain shows where we can perform longer we throw in Clean Cut and older tunes like I'd Rather. We fill in gaps with cover tunes that we feel complements the set to include:
War for Territory by Sepultura,
Davidian by Machine Head,
In the Meantime by Helmet,
Ace of Spades by Motorhead, and
From Out of Nowhere by Faith No More.

In the past we have also performed
Beg to Differ and Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck by Prong,
My Own Summer by Deftones, and
Supercharger Heaven by White Zombie as well as others.