Colossus is a Cleveland area rock band who refuse to be pigeonhold into any specific genre. Comprised of a social worker, child psychologist, and lawyer (all with master's degrees), Colossus write material that draws from rock and punk traditions and furthers both in creative new ways.


Colossus is comprised of three Cleveland area professionals--an attorney, child psychologist and licensed social worker. They create music mostly because they are compelled to do it--no delusions of grandeur adulterate the writing and performing process. All three members have been in previous bands. Dave drummed and played keys for Raw Sewage and Stop that Stalker in the Chicago area. Tom and Pete learned to play guitar together at the ass-end of the 1980s, then wrote and recorded under the moniker Self-Restraynt throughout the 1990s. Tom and Dave met on the job, and the trio first played together during a jam session in 2002. A chemistry was apparent almost immediately, and here we are. We played CMF 2004 at the HiFi in Lakewood Ohio and continue to write and record to this day. We hope to return to CMF and CMJ this year with a larger crowd.


We've issued nothing thus far. Just rough demos, jam sessions, live at Hi-Fi 2004, homemade DVDs.

Set List

Mountain, Nice Guys Finish Last, Bucho el Scorpion, I Don't Mind, Intravenous Angel, White Light, Hungry People (of the Third World), Honeybee, Rocky III, Roger's New Car, Pillowtalk...

We cover tunes by the Misfits and Iggy Pop