Colossus of Rhodes

Colossus of Rhodes


We are a progressive/metal band based out of lubbock texas who blends aspects of new metal with driving catchy melodic choruses. Countless hours of thought and work go into each of our songs, and our determination to make it in the music business is surpassed by none.


Colossus of Rhodes was recently born into the world of music. They bring with them, some of the most new and exciting music to the metal scene. Their fusion of pop punk melodies and hardcore breakdowns bring a new light into this growing genre. Colossus of Rhodes focuses the power they have on what they believe is great music. The band members are professional musicians who have studied their instruments for years. They are willing to do what is necessary to take them to the next level. The band members include Nevel Robinson, lead vocals, Brandon Felton, guitar and background vocals, JJ Munoz, guitar and background vocals, Dub Wood, bass, and Jeremy Velasquez, drums and percussion. Together they are a young and passionate band that strives to break new ground day after day.


2008-And the ruins fell...
We recieve extensive airplay on our local radio station KFMX 94.5

Set List

Our typical set is between 30 and 45 minutes. We tend not to play covers. We play between 6 and 8 songs, and our songs are between 3 and 5 minutes each.