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Colourblind Demo 2007

Featuring: Life & Opal Eyes

Airplay on local radio 89.7FM



The band "Colourblind" has been a work in progress for many a year now, though the band itself is still fresh, forming in early 2007. The musicians in the band have been involved in the music scene for several years now, well, long enough to see how crazy, vicious & intense it can be. Steve and Smiddy have been close friends for about 10 years and played in a few local bands before teaming up together in Patient ZERO, getting their heads around the business and working hard to get the music heard. Likewise long time friends Mike and Mark with a very similar story, also pursuing a career in the industry but never really finding the ideal counterparts to create it with. It was by chance in the early stages of 2006 where Patient_ZERO, a successful Australian band that Steve and Smiddy where involved in, came to a halt over commitment issues. Promising Divine, another very successful band that Mark and Mike where playing for also fell apart and the band was forced to split. With promises broken, dreams shattered & friendships torn, both party's were reluctant to continue their pursuit. In early 2007 Steve and Mike ended up working together and meeting through a mutual friend. So the fire was re-lit after reliving gigs and stories of the local scene. Mike just happened to be looking for a front man and a guitarist. Steve was looking for a drummer and a bassist - ha ha wham'O! isn't that a co-incidence. Within no-time the band was formed and the writing had begun. Realizing that they had been living the dream all along just being able to play music the pressure was off and the energy flowed so much stronger than before. The musicianship was stronger and the writing and creating was so much more fluent. Colourblind was born. Now early 2008 the band has played around the local stages of their home town and is looking for the appropriate representation to aid them on their way. With an awesome demo on hand and more recordings on the way be sure to have yourselves a listen to Colourblind and see how you relate to them. Colourblind thanks you for your time in reading this and for coming on the small journey they have shared so far, and hope you'll be along for the bigger journey still to come.