loud guitars, tons of drums, good old funs, sincere hooks and hums, sing-a-longs when it must happen, whats a-crappernin'? jam times, 100 JPM, JD, coming of age films, ocean spritz, lake dips, van spooning, talking, chatting, group photos, beer, secrets, high fives, high fives, turn up the organlove


Colourbook! is a hot quintet of boys with charm and allure and canned laughter and canned tuna and whqoooaooaoaaaahhh this justt got outta hannnd!!!!

The group has been together since high school! raised in a shed and moved to the modestly sized city of Victoria. The boys have stuck it through three (3) Canadian tours and have successfully built canadas largest collection of inside jokes.

The band is currently recording their Third album ready for late 2009.

Previous release (S/T, 2008) gained much critical attention from blogs and zines around the world and well into the cosmos.

The band has been highly praised for their live performances. After a show ecstatic showgoers will often comment that the band"Slayed" "Killed" "had fun" and "smelt bad"


Love From The Postl Shed (2005) (out of print)
Self-Titled LP (2008) - Aaaargh/Old Life Records
Whats Happening EP? (Sept/Oct. 2009) - Old Life Records

Set List

No covers. We can play for an hour and half or half an hour. Or less. Half a minute?