There are new frequencies to be heard. Declaring a sound of artfully-crafted, indie-slanted rock music, newcomers ColourFast are assured and ambitious. It’s all about the colour of the sound.


"If all the world's a stage and we are merely players, and musicians are artists –
then ColourFast's music makes for bright and textured paintings."
Rachel Surgeoner, Time Off Magazine.

It’s the evening and you are sitting watching the traffic go by. Despite the darkness, there is brightness in the sky. Electricity infuses the night with colour. The sound is constant and driving. The sound is ColourFast.

A doctor, a computer whiz and a chef, ColourFast members Marcel Zimmet (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Andy Millingen (bass) and Sash Romensky (vocals/guitar) regrouped in 2005, after the split of their previous incarnation. Full of new sounds and learning to trust their musical instincts, they practised anywhere and everywhere – the back of Sash’s bakery providing a handy rehearsal space. Anthony Argiro (Pseudo Echo) joined soon after on drums, infusing ColourFast with new life, thanks to his time-tested rhythmic flair.

This July, ColourFast delivers a 35-minute journey of strikingly melodic rock songs in the form of its debut album Walk. Using the traditional palette of classic pop/rock – infectious hooks, guitars, keyboards, bass and drums – ColourFast paints a new picture of future-rock. It’s music that oscillates between the past and the future, radiating with energy, melody and movement.

Guiding the electricity in the studio for Walk was producer Paul Woody Annison (Rocket Science, Red Riders, Intercooler). Woody’s influential work with the band, pushed them around new sonic corners into places they’d never ventured before. The results are the inspired sounds of 'Walk'.

From the bass and drum first step of opener ‘Save The World’, to the final fading light of ‘Star’, Walk is an awesome journey. The record quickly veers into the glorious, yet somehow alarming synth-etic rock energy of ‘You Now’. The title track ‘Walk’ then declares an optimistic refrain of forward movement and hope. It’s about getting to a better place - as long as you put one foot in front of the other, as long as you keep moving. And move you must, between the reassuring balladry of ‘Say You Don’t’, the hyper-rock uncertainty of ‘Downfall’, and the wide-screen indie-pop of ‘Had to Wait’.

There are new frequencies to be heard. Hear them loud and clear as ColourFast brings you Walk.


5 track / (Rub123)
Released 28/11/05 on Rubber/Shock Records
Lead Single : "Ten Fifteen"
High rotation on Fbi (Sydney) and plays on Australian community radio and Triple J.

Promotional media single
Released 13/6/06 (Independent)
Produced by Paul Woody Annison
Rotation on Fbi, 4ZZZ, Edge, SYN FM and played on Triple J's "Home and Hosed", PBS and RRR.

Album / (COL002)
Release July 15 2006
Produced by Paul Woody Annison
Distributed by Green Media
'You Now' on rotation at FBi (Sydney)

Set List

1 Intro
2 Ten Fifteen
3 World's Gonna Change
4 Had To Wait
5 Take Your Time
6 Smiling Girl
7 Walk
8 You Now
9 In Between Days (The Cure)
10 Save The World
11 Downfall

Length: Less than 45min