Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt


There’s a lot going on in a Colour Revolt song. A myriad of key and time changes, strained vocals shouted/sung like the pissed off son of Isaac Brock, and a sly nod to Radiohead through complex, layered guitar parts are just a few elements comprising the band's sound.


Colour Revolt’s name is derived from Edwin Abbott’s 19th century social commentary, Flatland, an exploration of life in two dimensions. But Colour Revolt is far from two-dimensional, eschewing Fletcher’s familiar sonic assault of unorthodox song structures and time signatures for a more melancholic though equally guitar-driven aesthetic of the post-grunge Southern gothic.

The band’s thematic impulse reflects the literary heritage of their native Oxford, Miss., channeling the jagged emotionality and moral ambiguity of the locale’s forefathers, William Faulkner and Barry Hannah. Another facet of the small university town is music, serving as the home to the neo-blues pioneering of Fat Possum Records and in-demand Sweet Tea Recording studio.

But it was outside any proper studio that the songs on the Colour Revolt EP took form. Scheduled to record in a friend’s basement in Jackson, Miss. in late August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the same weekend, pushing storm evacuees into the recording space. With nowhere to record in a city lacking electricity, the band set up shop with a ProTools rig in the living room of the owner of Esperanza Plantation, a small local record label, also home to the band. Forced into a DIY approach, the band used a pair of pantyhose as a windscreen and built a vocal booth out of spare cardboard boxes and leftover brooms.

After several weekends of tracking in between the bands full-time gig as college students, several of the songs caught the attention of Clay Jones, a Sweet Tea engineer who has mixed Elvis Costello and Modest Mouse albums. Jones lent post-production help and mixed the entirety of the EP. Esperanza Plantation provided a small-scale release for the EP in December 2005.

Produced by former bass player Steven Bevilaqua, the Colour Revolt EP reflects a young band that thinks old. The songs emanate a spiritual and existential urgency, which is only accentuated by singer Jesse Coppenbarger’s vocal thrust, ranging from fragile whispers to guttural screams back to pointy falsetto. The band’s three-guitar approach provides an offsetting soundscape, where intricate guitar interplay meets understated harmonies.

In August 2006, the Colour Revolt EP will be re-released by Tiny Evil (Nine Black Alps, Jimmy Eat World), an imprint of Interscope Records.


“Mississippi’s Colour Revolt creates jagged, indie-rock epics...The music bears a debt to the darker, dissonant side of Modest Mouse and the anthemic power of The Constantines, but with a hint of Southern gothic.”
- Flagpole (Athens, GA)

“Epic grandeur fuels the songs on Colour Revolt’s self-titled EP, and rousing noise-addled distorted guitar rock serves as the backbone of many of the Oxford, Mississippi fivesome’s compositions. Wearing their Mississippian roots proudly, they incorporate hints of both fragile folk music and Southern gothic culture into their impassioned post-grunge songs. The result is a dynamic interplay of the broken and the explosive.”
- AmpCamp

"Oxford, Miss.-based Colour Revolt, was a refreshing change from the retro-fashionable posturing of so many top rock bands today. The order of the night was intricate guitar arrangements, tight tempo changes, and no-nonsense, gut-wrenching emotion."
- (Memphis) Commercial Appeal

"This quintet...has settled on a sound somewhere between Nirvana and My Bloody Valentine, replete with all the mood and all the content. If post-grunge rock ever had a shot at sounding authentic, Colour Revolt is it. They have essentially shucked their timid independent leanings of the days of Fletcher for a more expressive aesthetic. "
- (Jackson, MS) Clarion-Ledger


RIYL: Built to Spill, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse


A New Family

Written By: Jesse Coppenbarger

laid my head down / on your belly / i've never heard something so warm / it was bubbling / and popping / like a fish dying on a shore / do you wonder / if it will overflow? / because when you least expect it / you will let it go / when you got it / you got it / a place to overthrow / we've got friends here / a new family / a home away from home / (we speak it we don't think it) do you wonder / if it will overgrow? / because sooner or later / you will let it go / when you got it / when you got no place to go / we've got friends here / we've got a home away from home / we got it

Mattresses Underwater

Written By: Jesse Coppenbarger

there are places / some of us can't face yet / and even though we see it / we just swear God's sleeping / so we say, "ash to ash, dust to dust, we're all gonna die so we have to trust in something " / but it's probably nothing / there's gotta be something / now we mean it in our homes where we're sleeping / we call it mattresses underwater but the gutters are seeping / so we say, "ask and ask and we'll return the same favors till its our own turn" / we got ash in our pockets and dust in the urn, another forty years for you and yours to learn / love was made like a ship at bay, never to see waves / we'll probably all crash any way / when we see it we don't believe it / we've got our faces made for smiling, but we are weeping / we got ash in our pockets and dust in the urn / another forty years for you and yours to learn / you say, "all you ever talk about is dying and it's getting so old / and we say, "love was made like a book or a page just ripped out but we never read anyway" / and you say love was made like a ship at bay never to see waves / we should probably get used to it, but we don't / now I see it...etc. / she's got her hands in her pockets and she's walking around she's got a face made for smiling but she's making a frown / she says, "all you ever talk about's letting us down / if you ever see me dying, just put me in the ground"


Colour Revolt EP (December 2005)
Label: Esperanza Plantation

1. Blood in Your Mouth
2. Mattresses Underwater
3. A New Family
4. Our Homes Are Graves
5. Change Your Face or Change Your Name
6. Circus

Set List

Typical set is 35-45 minutes with all originals.

"Mattresses Underwater"
"A New Family"
"Blood In Your Mouth"
"Homes are Graves"
"Change Your Face or Change Your Name"
"Naked and Red"
"Untitled #1"
"Untitled #2"