Colourshop will take the listener to an enjoyable journey through different styles, never resulting boring or predictable, giving always elements of surprise in the song writing, in the style, in the arrangements.


Colourshop (ex Alfa-d) is a music project created by Alfredo and Diego Salvati, two brothers that cultivated together the passion of the music. Their musical education is based on a classical background and very soon they started to compose their own music. Before of being part of this band, the they took part in different projects having the possibility to enhance their knowledge about diverse music styles and to perform throughout Italy.

For the past ten years Alfredo and Diego dedicated themselves in writing English songs. Conscious of their means, Alfa-d released in 2009 their first album called “The summer of my life” in 2009. The album included 13 songs and was entirely written, recorded and produced by Alfa-d. The album was released at the main digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, Napster) having a discrete success. It was promoted in UK, Italy, Spain and France where the band performed in a considerable number of concerts.Multiple musicians, deriving from different and diverse background, have been involved to its production.

After moving to London they came in contact with multiple cultures which expanded their horizons in terms of music and styles. The new songs they wrote are the direct expression of this diverse world which they live in everyday and they decided to summarise the experiences of the last two years in the new album called “Sparks”.

Music as universal language that can reach and deliver its message to everyone regardless the different roots and culture. This is the main theme of the new album, at the same time sophisticated and simple, raw and elaborate pop, with funk, rock and folk influences.

Our deep connection is what makes Colourshop different. Music is created together by Alfredo and Diego which have been playing together since they were born being brothers.


Last single release: Zahir - September 2012
Last album release: Sparks - September 2012

Previous release:

I don't know why - First single from The Summer of my life - May 2009
The summer of my life (Album): May 2009