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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States | SELF
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"Colourslide: Album Review ("

There's a certain "x factor" that goes into making great music as a band. Chemistry, magic, whatever you want to call's either there or it's not. And in the case of Gainesville, Florida's Colourslide, "it" is definitely there. Their debut self-titled release is an impressive collection of emotionally-charged, guitar-driven rock songs. A melding of two bands (Gainesville's Time and Raleigh, North Carolina's Melbourne), Colourslide has taken the best elements of past incarnations and put them into the musical test tube. Lead singer Alex Lawhon belts out melodies that always seem to be teetering on the edge of haunting. Against the background of Dean Newman's searing guitar, precision rhythm by bassist Joe Palmer, and a dazzling array of guest instruments, Lawhon's penchant for the dramatic has at last found its home. Drummer Steve Julian deserves his own special mention -- whether he’s quietly laying the back beat or smashing the skins, Julian's performance is one of the strongest binding energies throughout the album. Part of the magic of this CD is that no two songs sound alike, highlighting Colourslide's range and diversity. The band is the strongest on anthemic rock numbers like "Wake Up Call" and "Crave You,"; however, they sparkle on brooding, plaintive numbers such as "Eleventh Hour" and "Believer," too. Producer Ted Comerford's (Honor By August, Virginia Coalition) influence can be particularly felt on the more pop-leaning songs "Better" and "Home," but the switch from power-rock only further demonstrates Colourslide's capabilities to think outside their own box. It may be prophetic that one of the strongest tracks on the album, "Suddenly Everything," tiptoes through stark verses into blistering choruses to declare in the last bars, "We are worth the wait, we are worth the wait ... and we arrive." Indeed, with their debut release, Colourslide has arisen as a promising face of new rock. They've found the "x factor." If their debut is any indication of what's to come, Colourslide has been worth the wait. - Alternative Addiction dot com - Aug. '07

"Colourslide: Album Review (InSite)"

Usually, I'm about as impressed by modern rock as I am by a pond of tadpoles, but (Gainesville-based) Colourslide's debut album wowed me, and that's no small feat.
The band is so cohesive and polished that each track kept me excited and baited with anticipation for the next. The overall mood is one of intensive force, with a confident and powerful guitar.
Lead singer, Alex Lawhon's voice is smooth and melodious, and the instrumental talent backing him is flawless. "Believer" has some of the best guitar and drums on the album-the kind that takes real musical chops. The gem of the album comes in "Wake Up Call," where the electric guitar is simply outstanding in its driving, pulsing beat.
With "Resurrection Day" and "Crave You," the sound transforms into an edgier guitar with real grit shining through. The album builds with concise focus and intensity, highlighted with impressive rhythm and guitar harmonization in the latter tracks.
Overall, the album is stunning and demands to be left on repeat. perfect for a road trip, Colourslide will give you a taste of rock you thought was long dead. - InSite Magazine - July '07

"Colourslide: Album Review ("

This band has gone through some changes and they definitely have paid off. Bringing in a new lead singer and changing their name from Time, they have developed an astronomical sound and style. And the take off begins on “Lost Again” which is vibrant, perfectly sung vocals and astonishing music made up of raging guitars, booming bass, powerful drums and the light backing vocals giving it that extra touch. “Suddenly Everything” has an edginess to it musically. Lyrically though it is simply captivating and truly empowering. The ‘ohs’ that pop up throughout the song and the infectious chorus will have you singing along in no time. This is one of those touching, feel good songs that you could easily hear being played during your favorite romantic comedy or drama movies. “Believer” starts off with a nice guitar strum and very lofty feel allowing the vocals to shine. “Wake Up Call (Remix)” rounds out the album and does so perfectly in this up tempo, fun and super energetic jam. The lyrics are amazing and belted out in pristine fashion. This is a track that should be blazing up radio airwaves across the country. If you’re looking for a feel good album, that has amazing lyrics and over the top musical arrangements, buy this album. These guys should have a record deal in no time and if they don’t get one id be truly surprised as they are off the charts in regards to talent. - Entertainment World dot us - July '07

"8 Up and Coming Bands to Watch in 2009"

Not only do we love this band because they spell colour the Canadian way, but also because they produce some of the most magical and elaborate electric rock songs since early Killers. Lost Again is the beautiful, surging piece that got me hooked on Colourslide, but their album is full of brilliantly mixed tracks like Suddenly Everything and Crave You. The Gainesville four-piece released their amazing self-titled debut early last year, and are currently working on a follow-up album with renowned indie producer Ted Comerford which is sure to be just as mesmerizing. -


Sampler [3 Song EP] (October 2006)
Self Titled Debut [Full Length] (February 20th 2007)
Self Titled Debut Re-Release [Full Length] (April 14th 2009)
Komplikated, Reasons Single [2 Song EP] (April 14th 2009)
Everybody's Right About Everybody [Full Length] (Release Date TBA)



"They were a band looking for a singer and I was a singer looking for a band." explains Alex Lawhon, easily summarizing the assembly of the four individuals that would become known as Colourslide. "We had some fantastic songs and more importantly extremely lofty, maybe bordering egocentric, notions that this collaboration would become noteworthy," Lawhon continues. So, before ever playing a proper show together, the band booked studio time in North Carolina and decided they would record a full-length album. "It was backwards thinking I suppose – a record first, then shows and touring – but it seemed to be the most natural thing for us at the time – make a great record, then go promote the hell out it." This "backwards" philosophy paid off.

After debuting to a sold out room (thanks to relentless advertising and word of mouth) in their hometown of Gainesville, FL, Colourslide released their eponymous debut, which quickly went to number one at The record received extensive radio airplay throughout the south and was subsequently licensed to ESPN, MTV, Oxygen and E!. To date it has received over thirty television spots with many millions of viewers. "The overwhelmingly positive reactions and accolades received from the CD were quite unexpected," says guitarist Dean Newman, "Not because we didn't believe that it was amazing, but because it happened extremely fast and was so universally enthusiastic." The praises that Newman are referring to are the "Maxell Song of the Year" award in the John Lennon Songwriting contest for the Lawhon/Newman penned "Wake Up Call". Billboard magazine featured the band on the back cover of it’s August 2nd issue for the win. Then being chosen as the premium unsigned band in the world by Gretsch Guitars as part of their 125th Anniversary celebration. "The relationships we have made with both of these organizations have been tremendously rewarding and anything but fleeting. “The companies really believe in the band," Newman continues.

2008 saw Colourslide performing on the Vans Warped Tour, a stop at Summerfest in Milwaukee, shows at Irving Plaza and The High line Ballroom in New York, festival dates in the Carolinas and a headlining show for ESPN in Connecticut. Somehow through all of this traveling the band managed to record its sophomore album and spend a month in Los Angeles mixing with legendary producer Jack Joseph Puig at Ocean Way Studios. The yet untitled release was mastered by the incomparable Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering in Maine.

When asking the band about the remarkable achievements they've garnered in such a short time Lawhon states, "The three things that every great band has are a resolute love of their art, extraordinary songs, and a mind blowing live show. I think we have all of those things...apparently I'm not the only one."

Colourslide plans a spring release for their new album. They have arrived.