Our music blends american hard rock with a dirty british twang and some drop tuned riffage for good measure, we grew up on metal and we want to have fun! in short , fun ballsy hard rock!


Colt.44 formed in 2007 with the intention of playing music that wasn't based on haircuts, gimmicks or what was popular at the time. Comprised of Adam Jerome (Vocals/Guitar), Gary Hayden (Vocals/Bass) and Alex Smith (Drums) ,they began to write music they enjoyed- heavy, down-tuned riffs with classic rock solos, and above all, real singing. The gigs then started coming thick and fast; the music progressing to what it is today- a blend of modern american rock and grunge! This collection of solid hard rock hits and an electric stage presence has gained them over 230 shows to date all over the uk including supports with Inme, DOGS, [Spunge], Orange Goblin, We are the Ocean, Slaves to Gravity, Exit ten, Panic Cell, Zico chain, Forever Never, Symphony cult and many more; as well as landed them a record contract with Casket Music and an endorsement from Darkside clothing! Expect to see the them tearing up the UK stages in support of their debut album ‘One Horse Town’, as well as on TV and airwaves with their music videos 'sick' and 'Knock it back'.

Reviews for ‘One Horse town’:

Kerrang! Magazine: '...Effective slabs of chewy goodness...this is a solid and more than creditable debut.' 3/5

Big cheese Magazine: ‘The feral ‘Sick’ shows why Colt.44 are going to blow you away...These guys know what classic rock should be, and they definitely deliver.’

Concrete web: ‘…The only thing that matters to us, music freaks, is that Colt.44 now have a debut album out in the stores!’ a VERY nice band in its genre!’ 89/100

Rock Midgets: ‘…Not that the hard rockers have to strive to be anything but themselves, as the classic rock shines through…’ 3/5

The Gig Guide: 'The thumping rock beat of 'sick' drags you along, like it or not...if these guys continue to produce songs of this quality, I can see big things ahead.' 9/10

Metal ‘…They have the groove, they have the catchiness and they definitely have the potential to offer some great things in the near future...’ 7/10 ‘…Colt.44- Hard rock as it should be!’ 8/13


debut album: one horse town (casket records 2008)
track listing:
1. Sick
2. These Scars
3. Knock It Back
4. Come Home
5. Holding Out Their Hands
6. I Tear Myself Away
7. I Refuse
8. See You Smile
9. One Horse Town
10. I’ll See You

tracks from 'one horse town' have been played regularly on 'dark wave radio', 'the overflow radio', '' and irregularly on 'bbc radio 6- bruce dickinson's rock show' and ''

Set List

Varies between 35-55 minutes, standard setlist would include:

1:One horse town
2:Knock it back
3: Desperate measures (previously unreleased)
4: All night (previously unreleased)
5: i tear myself away
6: The simple life (previously unreleased)
7: see you smile
8: i refuse
9: sick
10: i'll see you
11: seven shades (previously unreleased)

we also occasionally play a cover of 'outside' by 'Staind' if we need to play for more than 40 minutes.