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Colte Bradley

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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"George Co-Hosts Enduring Freedom Concert"

George Jones joined Lane Brody to co-host a June 11th (2002) concert to honor Ft. Campbell, KY’s deployed soldiers during their Week of the Eagles celebration.

The Operation Enduring Freedom Concert also featured Travis Tritt, The Smiths, Ricky Skaggs, Collin Raye, LeeRoy Parnell, Allison Krauss, Barbara Fairchild, Brad Martin, The Whites and Colte Bradley.

Follow up:

The concert was held at Fort Campbell’s Frayar Stadium for active duty soldiers, family members, retirees and DoD civilian employees.
- George Jones Website

"Music Row Publications"

The opening notes to Colte Bradley's new CD "Ain't It Amazing What One Little Screw Will Do" captures you as it is just as easily an Alan Jackson song as it is Colte Bradley's. The new Rustic Records release is a contemporary Country Music CD with a traditionalist heart. You can get a little of everything from all the normal Country subject matter thrown in but for the most part Ain't It Amazing avoids the normal country clichés. A good mix that lets you hear styles resembling a bit of bluegrass, classic country, upbeat dance floor packers and of course some tear jerkin' ballads.
Colte Bradley even shows off some songwriting on three of the tracks here. There are hints of Alan Jackson, a bit of Joe Diffie and a definite classic country influence in Colte Bradley's vocals. The western North Carolina native has just enough twang to pull off the traditional, and a subtle charm that proves to be a unique mixture. Colte Bradley also took place in a Merle Haggard country talent search to find an opening act for his tour with Willie Nelson, and out of the top 450 contestants, Colte Bradley placed in the top 10.
A sense of humor added to true country sounds and the odd ballad tossed in here and there for good measure. While listening to Colte Bradley, I thought this is what REAL country is supposed to sound like. That doesn't mean the CD is without flaws, it means simply that Ain't It Amazing is a breath of fresh air, and I just wish more artists and performers would hold proud their country roots instead of trying to cross-over to other genres.
The opening number "Ain't It Amazing (What a Little Screw Will Do)" reminds us not to take life for granted and take notice of the smaller things in life. Other great tracks is the honky-tonkin' "Bear Huggin'", "Daddy Made Dew" a great ode to moonshine making and running, and "You Got It All" with opening spoken words that you could swear was Conway Twitty. Colte Bradley serves up a good CD for the country fans, you owe it to yourself to at least take a listen.

"In a just world, this would be allowed to compete on an even footing with any major-label product out there. In fact, it's better than a lot of what I hear from the Big Boys. His delivery is resonant and heartfelt. The production is beautifully understated. And the song is breathtakingly well written."
- Robert K. Oermann, Music Row Publications

"WIFE Radio, Connersville, IN"

"Colte Bradley's latest single proves that this singer is on the verge of stardom in country music. In Their Eyes shows the talent and versatility of a great country singer." - Bob Wills, DJ with WIFE Radio, Connersville, IN

"KLAA Louisiana Country 103.5"

"I recently put In Their Eyes, by Colte Bradley into my new music showdown feature I have each night. The listener response was overwhelmingly in favor of the song. Each night I played it, listeners called to let me know how much they enjoyed the song and wanted to hear it again. A smart programmer would definitely add this song to their playlist!" - Ke Del Rio, KLAA Louisiana Country 103.5


Releases by Colte Bradley
Bear Huggin'
Live On The Edge

Releases by Rustic Records, Inc. on radio airplay
In Their Eyes
Drankin' Business
Ain't It Amazing

5 CDX Releases



Colte is a native of western North Carolina. His musical influence started when he began singing solo's at the age of 10 in his hometown church. Shortly afterwards, he was playing the banjo and guitar. His musical interest included bluegrass and traditional country music of the region.

Colte Bradley, formerly with Rustic Records, Inc. located south of Nashville, is one of the nation’s rising stars. He is a seasoned performer and also a very talented songwriter affiliated with ASCAP. Colte’s rich soulful country voice entertains his audience with traditional country. His new wave and traditional banjo playing make it an exceptional show. Colte has performed with George Jones, Travis Tritt, Ricky Scaggs and Lee Roy Parnell.

Colte has released two albums and his last three released singles received favorable reviews. They are being requested on radio stations around the United States and on International charts as well. Colte has had five CDX releases and has done well on the music row charts. The Hand, a gospel song, made number one on the Indie Country Gospel Top 20 Chart of Power Source magazine.

Bear Huggin’ and Live On The Edge are examples of his mature songwriting ability. Bear Huggin' was released on Internet radio; and on the Loud City Charts he was right in the middle of the major artist in country music.