Colt Harley

Colt Harley

 Peterborough, Ontario, CAN

We're a 4 piece rock band. Our style appeals to those who crave great rhythm, good times and overflowin' Jager shots.

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In late 2005, founding member Doug Gardner recorded some original music with the help of talented friends. The result was a 6 song EP and the formation of the band, Colt Harley.
"Colt " representing the "wild, country roots" and "Harley" representing the rebel, outlaw style. Their early works focused on a prominent "country" sound heard on the first 2 CDs.
As the band evolved, the music followed and a change to Colt Harley was inevitable. "Rock" pushed it's way through, like a stubborn weed, and the once prominent country sounds, took a back seat - internally changing Colt Harley forever... and for the good.
As 2014 approaches, Colt Harley is looking forward to recording a new CD that best represents what they have become.The Colt Boys have infamously left their mark on many stages throughout Ontario from The Havelock Country Jamboree, Fall Fairs, Rodeos, Ribfest Events, Toronto's Festival of Beer, The Rhinestone Music Fest, many venues, and private party events to list a few.

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Colt Harley will be in the studio, laying new tracks in late 2013 and look forward to a new CD in 2014.

Colt Harley II Fall 2007, 11 song CD

Colt Harley Spring of 2006, 6 song Debut EP

Set List

We have an energetic live show, aimed at gettin' the rowdy's up dancing! We play a mix of our original music with some classic cover tunes to please everyone in the crowd, some examples are.........

Steady at the Wheel
Fulsum Prison Blues
Tweeter and the Monkey Man
Dust on the Bottle
Watermelon Crawl
Jailbreak - ACDC
Long Way to Richmond
Big River
Mississippi Queen
Honky Tonk Woman
Save a Horse
Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy
That's Alright Mama
Old Man Down the Road
Sharp Dressed Man
Hillbilly Deluxe
Tattoos on this Town

One evening consists of 2 Sets each aprox. 80 minutes long.