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Colt Harley

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Country Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Colt Harley brings Rock and Country together"


"Colt Harley brings Rock and Country together"


"Colt Harley and Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner hitting the Red Dog"

Freelance writer comments on upcoming gig. - Chris Lahay

"Colt Harley in "print"- Mystified"

Colt Harley was the inspiration for this Canadian novel.
- Passion in Print - author Elle Laudan- 2011

"A Personal Message from the band....."

Colt Harley band members and Management would like to address a Scam Company that grabbed our original website It had expired and the clowns bought the rights to it and turned it into some idiotic site. We do not have anything to do with this site nor do we condone the contents of this site and appologize for its contents.
All and any official information on Colt Harley is now..... (site under construction)

Members and management of Colt Harley, 2012 - Colt Harley

"My Date with A Rock Band...."

One day your kids will look up ROCK in the Peterborough History books and for sure these 5 guys, their manager Smokey, and their roadie, Gary will be standing at the definition, and your children will understand.

A perfect mixture of covers and originals, the way these guys put their own uniq...ue sound on everything they belt out forces your tappin toes to carry you out to the dance floor. From song to song, you feel the urge to salute these boys, as you know you are seriously getting rocked.

"We are who we are", says Steven Van Trans, one of the lead guitarists, "We rock."
And folks, believe when I say, anyone who has seen thir show will agree.

"We cut a CD before we were a band", lead singer/songwriter Dougie G. tells me, "it was country, and we decided that we could play this shit, we just needed a band."
Now, getting ready to release their third CD, Colt Harley 3, these guys sound better than ever, and they play together like they were born to.

Sitting on the ever-noticeable Colt Harley tour bus, it screams rock 'n' roll at me, from the 1980s' Budweiser poster, where a girl for some reason seems attracted to the life sized beer bottle beside her, to the stories and memories these guys are sharing with me over a bottle of water (lol) and a few cigarettes.
I never wanted the interview to end!

Colt Harley talks rock, plays rock, and is rock and they even look like mean rock 'n' rollers right out of a movie like Easyrider, or C#!ksucker Blues - and although they may kill me for saying this, they are actually the sweetest seven bad boys I've yet to meet. If you haven't seen the show, crawl out from under your rock and catch them April 3rd - I'll be there fo shizzle!

Cheers to you Colt Harley

thanks for the wicked hospitality

If you would like to see the article cut and past - The Wire ... writer Jaymee Hammond


Colt Harley will be in the studio, laying new tracks in late 2013 and look forward to a new CD in 2014.

Colt Harley II Fall 2007, 11 song CD

Colt Harley Spring of 2006, 6 song Debut EP



In late 2005, founding member Doug Gardner recorded some original music with the help of talented friends. The result was a 6 song EP and the formation of the band, Colt Harley.
"Colt " representing the "wild, country roots" and "Harley" representing the rebel, outlaw style. Their early works focused on a prominent "country" sound heard on the first 2 CDs.
As the band evolved, the music followed and a change to Colt Harley was inevitable. "Rock" pushed it's way through, like a stubborn weed, and the once prominent country sounds, took a back seat - internally changing Colt Harley forever... and for the good.
As 2014 approaches, Colt Harley is looking forward to recording a new CD that best represents what they have become.The Colt Boys have infamously left their mark on many stages throughout Ontario from The Havelock Country Jamboree, Fall Fairs, Rodeos, Ribfest Events, Toronto's Festival of Beer, The Rhinestone Music Fest, many venues, and private party events to list a few.

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