Colton McKenna

Colton McKenna


Colton McKenna's shows contain an explosion of instrumentation! Growing up with the piano, Colton has expanded his skills to vocals, guitar, mandolin and percussion. Commonly typified as a blend of americana, reggae and jazz, Colton McKenna's sound fits right in with today's music population.


Colton McKenna's wide range of influences has culminated into a style that is truly unique. Typified with various blends of Americana, reggae, jazz, rock, blues, folk and even classical, Colton has developed a sound to call his own.

Lately Colton has been incorporating a loop pedal into his performances. This allows him to record as he plays and continually "overdub" various instruments, essentially building complete songs from scratch right before your ears. Colton says he does not use the loop pedal, however, for his studio recordings. "I like to keep my studio stuff as organic as possible... especially when I'm recording on a digital setup," says Colton. "It allows for more variety in the sound."

Born in Gainesville, FL, Colton began classical piano training at the age of six. After moving to the gulf coast in 1988, he started singing and playing guitar as well. He relocated to St. Augustine in 1998 and began performing in town while going to the University of North Florida, where he studied music and received a B.S. in Print Journalism in 2004. Colton currently performs locally in St. Augustine and throughout Florida and the eastern U.S.


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