Strasbourg, Alsace, FRA

Between bright pop intervals, silky electronic layers and quivering dissonances, spangled here and there with angelic voices, the sounds of the band reveal themselves live in a powerful and beautiful machinery. This electro mineral rock has already conquered a large audience in France.


Stuck between the adult and the teen age, embarked on a hide-and-seek at the border of the organic and the synthetic, the three boys of Colt Silvers invent a crazy sound made of pop sunny spells, electro silky waves and other wriggling dissonances sprinkled here and there with angelic voices. After a first album and an EP already led by this abundant imagination and a refreshing eighties temperament, they come back in February 2013 with a new dense and woody record, called Red Panda.


- NIGHT OF THE LIVING ROBOTS - Deaf Rock Records (2008) / LP
- CROSSWORLDS - Deaf Rock Records (2010) / EP feat. Lyre Le Temps
- BLADE RUNNER - Deaf Rock Records (2011) / Film concert based on Ridley Scott's movie, Blade Runner
- ACOUSTRONICS - Deaf Rock Records (2011) / EP
- RED PANDA - Deaf Rock Records (2013) / LP

Set List

01. Season of Sillence
02. Zugzwang
03. Tears In Rain
04. Hide and Seek
05. Peaches
06. Werewolves
06. Above The Ocean
07. Summer And Fall
09. Youth
10. As We Walk

11. Silver Horses
12. Night of the Living Robots