Strasbourg, Alsace, FRA

Halfway between film and music, Colt Silvers find common ground on an electro rock music as energetic as intelligent. French touch is coming with big live performances!


From their first album, the french act Colt Silvers formed in late 2008 develop a generous indie rock between bright pop intervals, silky electronic layers and quivering dissonances, spangled here and there with angelic voices. Sometimes lascivious, sometimes pulsating, always carried by an abundant imagination, Night Of The Living Robots, released in spring 2009, reveals a most refreshing eighties temperament, its melodic beams piercing the electro-rock horizon with an ingenuous fragrance. Add the efficiency of the disco-rock beats, compulsive and unstoppable as an explosive piece of machinery, turning stages upside down and setting dancefloors ablaze. For fans of Milemarker and Robocop Kraus.


"Hide and Seek" (2012)
"Acoustronics Winter" (2011)
"Crossworlds" Split Vinyl (2010)
"Night of the Living Robots" (2009)

Set List

Mother of Grey
Tears in Rain
On fire
We'll dance together
Hide and Seek
Above the ocean
Amandine's house
Hot metal Snakes
A journey with her
Night of the living Robots

Ice cream