Only thing that ever mattered was the rock’n’roll and gettin’ you on your feet to dance. See, we do rock’n’roll like it was our last pack of smokes. Columbia has evolved from our love of Brit Rock, Blues and Psychedelic. We got more swagger than Cool Hand Luke & more rock’n’roll than a box of juke!


Update Jan 2010:
Columbia have been in the studio in late 09' and will be back there in early March 2010 to compete tracks for an upcoming EP (aimed for mid 2010). We've been working with Andy Lawson down at Debaser and it's so far sounding amazing!

Taking aim from heroes such as Gallagher & Page as well as newer influences like BRMC & Kasabian; Columbia burst onto the scene in late 06’ with their debut EP release (produced by W.A music icon Dom Mariani). Since those early days, the band have evolved into sounding like "a modern version of T-REX on acid" (whatever that is, am i'm sure Boland was on acid!) mixing 70's glam with 80's Madchester & 90's Brit Rock..all delivered in dynamic and excitingrock'n roll shows.

Following a lengthy enforced hiatus following their initial release. 2008 & 2009 saw the release of the Shake It Up/New York Double A-side single, and the Columbia EP.

Songs from all three releases have featured on radio around the country including stations like JJJ, 96fm, RRR, FBi FM and RTRFM – and along the journey the boys have played the many of Perth’s finest and offered support to many from over east.
"New York" and "Peace of My Heart" have also featured heavily on US college radio in California after being included on compilations by LA based labels 272 Records and Smash 679Radio & Records.

Following a large run of shows in support of their latest EP, the boys have been busy working away wrtiting and recording some cracking new tunes for a follow up. Its set to push the band into new and exciting territory, firmly establish their sound and really cement what Columbia is all about.
Expected release in mid 2010..............
Get on it!


Columbia self titled EP (2009)
Shake It Up / New York Double A-side demo(2008)
The Financial Times Rock Exchange EP (2006)

Set List

Current Set includes(based on around 40mins)
P.O.W. (new), Nightrain (Columbia EP), Peace of My Heart (Columbia EP), From the Sky (new), Gangs of the Night (new), Hacienda Blues (new), Hacienda Nights (new), What You Really Want (new) Ain't No Easy Way (new), E Jam (new)
Also include generally a cover of Oasis classic 'Columbia' (from Definately Maybe album)