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This band has not uploaded any videos



"See our website for the Latest Reviews and Articles in PDF Format."

See our website for the Latest Reviews and Articles in PDF Format. - COLUMBUS


1. Split 7 Inch with Bella August 2006 on Pop Echo Records.

2. Debut EP Released July/2005 on Pop Echo Records.

3. Hey! Where'd The Summer Go?
Various Artists CD released 2004 on Humblebee Recordings

Our songs have been played nationally and internationally on radio and podcasts. The EP reached a high of #13 on the Earshot Top 50 for Canada.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Columbus was initially manifested in 2002 as a studio project in which song master Chris Webster could fully revel in his secret passion for classic Art-Pop. Pop had become a dirty word in music and Webster questioned whether or not a public or even musicians would be interested in his true love. He was wrong and after intense hounding over pints by drummer Jesse Sherburne, convincing international reviews for his single “Turn-coat” released on Humblebee Recordings and a general call by many fans to appear live, the decision was made to form a group. Soon other bands began to loose their most coveted members to Columbus and a collective force harboring enormous potential began to appear live. Although experienced and highly talented, Chris Webster (guitar/voice), Jesse Sherburne (Drums), Tony Baker (Bass), Matt Pahl (Lead Guitar), had no inkling as to what the future had in store for Columbus. One of the fastest growing bands in Canada, Columbus’ success seems largely based on the power of their, now well thought of, “Debut EP,” which was snatched up by upstart indie label Pop Echo Records, and launched into the top twenty of the !earshot college charts in July of 2005. But, while their only release to date is surely a tasty slice of pop hooks and buttery vocals with just a dash of metropolitan angst added for flavor, it would be doing Columbus a disservice to chock their many successes up to a recording that features but a sampling of their talents. Indeed, hot off playing sold out tour dates with some of the hottest acts around, including Montreal’s Metric, New York’s The Fever, and Halifax pop stalwarts, Sloan, it is clear that the band has the ability to captivate audiences. Their strong live performances combined with a fast evolving repertoire of material, has quickly made their name synonymous with a new Canadian pop movement geared towards those with restless ears and discernable tastes. Their music, which is often described as being reminiscent of the best mid-nineties brit-pop acts (read as: Blur, Sleeper or Gene), also reveals a certain penchant for blending contemporary sounds with their own secret lust for mid-sixties British invasion bands. Seeing as how in a recent internet podcast, put on by none other than Toronto’s Arpix Media (who chose the song “Hesitate” to feature in the YTV cartoon “Girlstuff/Boystuff”), their music was described as a “mix between the New Pornographers, The Zombies, and The Smiths,” it would seem that Columbus’ anachronistic sound has hit the proverbial nail on the head. And so, with tons of radio play backing up major media accolades, to date reaching ..13 on Canada’s Earshot top 50, the four members of Columbus have retreated back into the studio, preparing not one, but three follow ups to their first successful release. Two seven inch’s, one featuring an A-side and two B-sides from the upcoming album, the other, a Parisian release on Plastic Pancake Records, will see the light of day early 2006, while their highly anticipated full length album has been slated for spring of 2006. Featuring such crowd favorites as the up-tempo and sumptuously melancholic “Find the Time,” and “Alone Together,” as well as a host of unheard pop gems, it will no doubt be a treat for the sense as well as the soul. As Exclaim/Sun writer Fish Griwkowsky put it; “like a secret whisper from a new lover, Columbus wakes you up and makes you think about the future of music around here. Bubbling with incredible artists, the band proves that good taste does cross as many genres as it feels like. Watch out for these guys.”