Columbus makes music that will take you on a journey to the jungle, put you on a level with the firefly's and bring you back a tribal dancer! Come-love-us!


Columbus was created in early 2010 with the intention of making a solid and lasting impact on the SA music industry. So far, so good! In the short time they have been together the band has played alongside SA's top bands at SA's top venues. This rapid success is a direct result of passionate band members and a solid, in-tune fanbase. Silky lead-guitar, a grooving rhythm section and catchy vocals galvanise to create something unique to the scene.
We have played alongside bands such as: Tidal Waves, Ashtray Electric, Isochronous, Fire through the Window, Shadowclub, The Pretty Blue Guns, Wrestlerish and many more.
Our musical influences range from Queens of the Stone Age, Kasabian, Interpol and Bloc Party to Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Weather Report.


Midnight Mindwave

Written By: Devon Sanderson

Go figure, got a trigger, makes the clock wind down
It makes no sense on the drive back home
Settle down-town, where the lights glow blue
It all makes sense when it's you and only you

It dissopates, it congregates

He's got a midnight mindwave
He's got a midnight mindwave, coming his way
As the light peeps through gaps in doors
The shadows grow young on tainted floors, revealed
As we face the sun

Action figure, got a trigger, makes the lights dim down
It all makes sense on the drive back home
Saddle up-town, snap a photo of the view
Cos the moments just a blur when you become the crew

It gathers some weight, in protected states


As we face the sun x4


Written By: Devon Sanderson

Oh my girl, you had it coming
Was just a matter of time; I didn’t do it for spite
Ok, ok, it’s mine to surrender
This ain’t no score worth battling for

I’m searching for the weekends lost, I don’t wanna remember
Unwind myself
There’s a crack in the ambush cast in you, you made it all too easy
I’m finding myself

8, 9, 10, they piling up
So slow down to 100, wipe your name off the floor
Such a pity, thought you ticked all the boxes
Perception of love skewed by the view



Demo - produced by Dan Patlansky
EP - self-titled - recorded at Analog Binary Studios
Singles - Midnight Mindwave (radio and streaming)