colum regan

colum regan


Debut solo album "GO" reached the top 5 most downloaded on and in it's first week of release . Dynamic Irish singer/songwriter with broad emotional range. An accomplished and confident performer with a sizzling voice, backed up by top class musicians. ISC semi-finalist.


Colum's reputation as a sensational live performer is spreading. A powerful voice with a big dynamic range accompanied by a muscular guitar stlye make this singer/songwriter a must-see act.
Colum's solo album GO reached the top 5 most downloaded on and in it's first week of release and stayed there for 4 weeks. One of the songs from the album was a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. His songs are honest and direct with big melodic hooks and lyrics that stick in your heart and head. The energy and dynamics of his solo performances, are matched only by the full band gigs. Keys, saxophone, bass and drums make up the accompianment. There are elements of Folk, Jazz, and Blues in his music and comparisons have been as varied as Jeff Buckley, The Gobetweens, Paul Simon, and Peter Gabriel. He is no stranger to the big stage and has supported some major acts eg. Welsh singer Charlotte Church, Irish band The Frames and singer/songwriters Tom Baxter and Tom Pacheco and performed in some of the UK's and Ireland's major venues, eg. Shepherds Bush Empire, London and Whelans of Dublin. Sandout performances at the UK's most influential music conference,In The City, and the UK's biggest free Festival, The Big Weekend and well as other festival performances in 2007 have made sure that Colum Regan is the name on everybody's lips as the next emerging singer/songwriter in the UK.


Damage Control

Written By: Colum Regan

Don't ake off unless you're sure you can fly.
Don't hate the weight, heaven loves it when you try.
You think you've had enough? Much more than you'd like?
This is Damage Control.

Don't act so tough, I can see it in you eyes.
The more you show me the less you can hide.
This is Damge Control.

Take some advice - the twisted secrets belong in your mind.
This is Damage Control.
This is Damage Control.
This is Damage Control.
Damage Control

Your Voice

Written By: Colum Regan

I just want you to know
that I missed you when you were gone
and I'll hold you always in my heart.
I was using my voice
to follow an innocent dream
sad is the song, golden is the glory
that tides you back to me.
An unrested mind, some innocent rhymes
a portrait you recognise
are the only gifts that I can bring -

the mystery, the amazing grace of your voice - it rings through in silence

All I wanted to say was
I missed you when you were away
and I'll hold you here in my heart always.
You were blinded and scared
through the darkness a sanctity led you
then bled then left you alone to find yourself.
Now you have a shining new reflection
I landed running in the other direction,
sad is the song but glorious the silence
that I begin to hear

the mystery, the amazing grace of your voice - it rings through in silence

Love you love

Written By: Colum Regan

Dry for fifteen years, and wet for more.
My brother is taking the last ride home.
This train won’t go no more, no place to go,
the driver is already on the road.
Don’t take it all to heart if you see me start again.

I used to act a little crazy, I used to act a little mean,
but i can tell you that it’s not me
because I never felt more like home
as when you’re here with me,
so don’t take it all to heart if you see me start again.

You know I wish you were not so young and not so sure of it all.
I’ll stay beside you till day is done,
but then I must go my love, I must run.
So you don’t say you want to hold me
when your arms are closed,
when your eyes are closed I could be anyone.

It’s love you love, not me my love,
it’s love you love my love not me


Debut solo album GO is now available on itunes, and other download sites. GO was in the top 5 most downloaded and top 5 favourites for 4 weeks after its release on and

Set List

With band sets can go from 40 mins to 2 hours.
Without band as solo or with one guest musician sets can last from 30 to 90 mins. I am flexible and the musicians I use are very experienced and versatile, so anything is possible