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Colwell are cousins Clayton and Jeb. They are named after their last name, which is also Colwell. They used to be called Hector On Stilts. No one knows why.


Colwell are cousins Clayton and Jeb Colwell, the songwriting duo behind pop band Hector On Stilts
While no strangers to decadence (Hector On Stilts always tipped handsomely, tasted the wine first and arrived at shows in their very own limo), Colwell is fine with tap water and

If their ride is allegory for the band's suburban style and wholesome sound, the intensely melodic pop of their sophomore release, "Same Height Relation," is proof. Produced by Grammy-nominee, Andres Levin, of Afro-Cuban ensemble, Yerba Buena, "Same Height Relation" cruises through cinematic anti-epics ("Winterland," "Rhyme Like Me"); bittersweet alt-pop ("Heart In Your Hand," "Tongue-Tied") and salsa-spiced New Wave ("Annie," "Squares Into Circles"). Cousins Jeb and Clayton Colwell harmonize with the clarity and conviction of taller Everly Brothers and the band's enigmatic humor fuels a live show that's part rock, part discotheque, and just a hair 80's prom.

Jeb Colwell's theatrical instincts undoubtedly derive from his grandfather, the late actor Anthony Quinn, who once advised him that "Being an actor is a very hard life. I don't wish that upon you." But it was the Colwell cousins' fathers who passed on a legacy of people-pleasing music and an unending fondness for the sweeter, "poppier" side: the senior Colwells are the co-founders and songwriters for the Pepsodent-fresh glee club, Up With People, who were performing at Super Bowl halftimes before Janet Jackson was in a training bra. Jeb and Clayton embraced their family heritage of music for the masses.

The cousins began performing together at local coffee houses and brothels in Tucson, Arizona, mixing what one early review affectionately called "lullaby pop" with a genetic proclivity for zany performances. Expanding eastward, HOS settled in Albany, NY, drawn by a surplus of parking.

Soon after unpacking, HOS added a proper rock rhythm section in the form of Jenn McCarron (bass) and John Brodeur (drums). The choice was easy: John is a pop luminary in his own right, having fronted popular Albany, NY outfit, The Suggestions; Jenn is descended from a long line of competitive dancers. A super-group was born.

Hector On Stilts' vocal harmonies and onstage (and off) antics quickly earned the newly minted quartet a bicoastal fan base that included Men At Work front man, Colin Hay (a "childhood hero," Clayton confesses). After HOS shared a bill with Hay in Massachusetts, the 80's star invited the band back to Los Angeles to co-write and recorded an early version of "Same Height Relation" opening track, "Taxi."

HOS has also appeared with the Bloodhound Gang, Everclear, Yerba Buena, ZOX, ASIA, Jupiter Sunrise, Jonathan Richman, Sonya Kitchell, Mohair and Diamond Nights among others and in major music festivals like CMJ, Boston's NEMO and North By Northeast in Toronto.

In addition to 100+ college, public and commercial radio stations including alternative leaders WEQX (Manchester, VT) and WFNX (Boston, MA) as well as a feature on National Public Radio's "Open Mic.", Hector On Stilts can be heard on various television and film projects; most recently the new ABC series, "Brothers & Sisters" and compilations like myvradio's "Fresh Produce Volume 2." SHR track, "La Dee Da," was a darling of podcasters worldwide. The group has earned numerous accolades including a 2005 "Be Heard" Scholarship from BMI and Performing Songwriter Magazine (For Same Height Relation track, "Tongue-Tied") and a "Best Pop Band" nod in the Albany Metroland "Best of 2005" issue.

The quartet disbanded while working on a bunch of mini-records, ther first of which, "Fun Size"?, was released online on October 16, 2007.


"One of the top bands out with a huge buzz to boot." -Skope Magazine

"HoS has churned up a perfect little pop disc with "Same Height Relation." It's chockfull of great vocals and melodies with a big ol' pile of ear-catching hooks. Oh yeah, some great playing, too. This is the kind of pop music that you'll be singing for weeks after you hear it." -Albany Times Union

"Hector on Stilts have charisma, talent, and smoldering good looks, all of which are well-known prerequisites for a fabulous pop band. 'Same Height Relation,' is highly recommended." -Metroland Newsweekly "Best Pop Band" (Best of the Capital Region 2005)

"Bopping through 'Same Height Relation,' it's impossible not to swoon to at least six or seven tunes." -Providence Phoenix

"Their harmonies will make you swear that you are floating on air." -Tucson Weekly

"Take Beach Boys harmony, Hall and Oates falsettos, mix in the funkiness of The Cars, throw in a little Wilco off-the-wallism, a splash of Latin spice, and you have only summed up half of their latest album, "Same Height Relation." -Berkshire Eagle


2005 - Same Height Relation
2007 - Fun Size mini-record
2008 - Funner Size
2009 - Last Good Hot Pop Nite EP

Set List

Colwell has one 45 minute set.