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Coma Figura

Tacoma, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Tacoma, Washington, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop Soul




"5 Things To Do Today (March 7th 2014)"

Near as we can tell from what little music is available of Coma Figura, one might describe them as a sort of Foxygen or Titus Andronicus for the bedroom pop set. These are bands that mash together influences and jumble them up into something that surges past imitation and into a kind of fervent homage. Whereas Foxygen and Titus Andronicus reinterpret pastoral psych rock and boozy Springsteen-isms, respectively, Coma Figura take stabs at the idiosyncratic singer-songwriter. Catch the band with BA the Scribe, FLORIDA, Mad Youth at 9 p.m. in The New Frontier Lounge. - Tacoma Weekly Volcano

"Best of Tacoma"

It's hard to pin down what's so effective about Coma Figura. They've only been performing in earnest since September, but they really seem to have their s--- down. Part of the appeal is Kyle Gootkin's vocals, which can bounce from a Bryan Ferry-esque croon to a Jonathan Richman-esque deadpan. There's a warmth that permeates their sound, which they describe as bedroom pop. Still, it's hard to find a project that was born in a home studio come to such endearing life in live performances. In a scene that's currently finding its footing with the loss of bands and the gaining of new ones, Coma Figura is a band to watch. - Rev. Adam McKinney - Tacoma Weekly Volcano


EVSDRiPR EP (January 2014)



Coma Figura started in late 2011, however, the band's three original members have been writing and performing together for nearly ten years. Kyle Gootkin (vocals, guitar), Brittany White (vocals, guitar) and Mike Pa (drums, percussion) grew up together on the Key Peninsula near Tacoma, Wash. and formed their first band in high school; Travel By Channel laid the indie rock foundation which Coma Figura would later build on, emulating bands such as Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Death Cab for Cutie, and 764-Hero. As youngsters, they gained a sizable following in the sparse all-ages venues in Tacoma after playing for two years to handfuls of people -- their persistence seasoned their confidence as musicians and as a tight-knit entity, but they went their separate ways after 2008. 
While attending Western Washington University in Bellingham, Kyle continued to write and perform under the solo moniker Hunting Hat. His lo-fi recordings and ever-evolving style of songwriting carried the project through four self-released albums in 2010 and caught the attention of The Guardian, which called him a "master of [...] ghostly, lo-fi rock." But after this prolific period, Kyle gave up Hunting Hat to focus on his studies and write a novella-length memoir about growing up in the 21st century as a disconnected youth in a "connected" global community. After two and a half years of writing and intense soul-searching, he reconnected with Mike and Brittany to form what would become Coma Figura. 
Even through all this, the band did not truly commit to their project professionally until meeting producer Andrew Nalty and assistant Jesse Goodrum at MountainHouse Studios, where they would record their first EP "EVSDRiPR." With Nalty recording, mixing, and producing Coma Figura and Goodrum joining the group shortly after the ep's release in January 2014, the project began to flourish.
They have responded to Fortune's challenge, doubling their efforts, playing shows every weekend, rehearsing, mastering their craft and building a loyal fanbase. Fans of Coma Figura have difficulty pinning down their influences, which are varied and many. Kyle and Brittany, the lead songwriters, have distinct but conducive styles -- respective comparisons to Tom Jones, Isaac Brock and Stevie Nicks, Courtney Love abound -- which, when combined with Mike's nuanced grooves and Jesse's energetic bass lines form a rich, soulful tapestry that hangs somewhere between art rock and standard pop. Audiophiles and casual music fans, hipsters and Baby Boomers, passionate couples and forlorn singles alike will find their niche in Coma Figura's honest expressions.

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