Comanche Sigh

Comanche Sigh


Sparse, epic, ambient post rock from the shores of the south coast. No words just meaning.


Two years ago high school friends Rune Denyer and Will Lamb got bored and started to record some spaced out, ambient tunes in Wills bedroom. These recordings ended up being the beginning of there first album Black Zodiac. After it's release they need a band to promote it so was formed Comanche Sigh. Enlisting the help of Runes ex Lying Seasons band mate James Gardiner to play guitar, plus Tom Kennedy on bass and Tyler Rome on drums. Quicky pulling a set together they started playing shows around the south coast supporting the likes of: Bossk, Vessals, Monsters build mean Robots, And i watch you from afar and Latitudes.


Black Zodiac (Full L.p released by Forgotten Empire Records)

Set List

We can play anything from a 20 minute set to an hour.