Coma Recovery
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Coma Recovery

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




The Coma Recovery delivers dense, ambitious rockets of metallic hardcore.
- Westword (Denver, CO)


This release is phenomenal. This band is incredible. If it takes The Coma Recovery another three years to write an album as good as Drown That Holy End in Wine, then Ill wait with patient eagerness. -


Drown That Holy End In Wine exudes a confidence and sense of craftsmanship that far exceeds average expectations of a groups debut album and sets a new standard for heavy atmospheric rock. Drenched in sunset guitar sirens and built on mountainous drumming, DTHEIW is a progressive post hardcore landscape come to life. -

"Punk News"

Each year there is a scant number of records that comes out of nowhere and knocks you on your ass. The Coma Recovery's Drown That Holy End in Wine is one such record. -

"Alternative Press"

The Coma Recovery defy categorization. They're not straight up hardcore, but they maintain palpable aggression; they have some indie and new-wave undertones, but never get overly poppy. TCR simply craft huge-sounding, incredibly lush, winding compositions that are powerful. Drown That Holy End In Wine is a breathtaking gem of a debut. - Alternative Press


Ever dreamed about experimental hardcore with intelligent musicianship that explodes your brain and makes you sweat from the inside? Prepare yourself for the bleakest of psychophysical downsets, prepare for The Coma Recovery. -

"Copper Press"

Now it all makes sense. If there is a town in these United States that is ape-shit over the rise in stature of prog-metal/rock, it's Albuquerque, NM. Evidence the bands that have played there recently or are coming there soon: Pelican, Dysrhythmia, Behold, The Arctopus, Russian Circles, and others. So it should come as no surprise that The Coma Recovery hails from that municipality. On its debut full length, Drown That Holy End In Wine, The Coma Recovery lays down eight short to lengthly tracks across 52 minuts. Infusing heavy, yet distant-sounding rock with restrained ambient moments, it should easily please fans of Pelican, as well as the remainder of the aforementioned outfits... The Coma Recovery's debut long-player is one fine rock record. - David Lichius - Copper Press

"The Onion"

A blend of hardcore, metal, and psychedelia featuring the kind of epic intensity and melodic emotion that should provie the perfect antidote for kids ready to stick it to the man for ruining their scene. - The Onion (Madison, WI)


Man Ascend - (2004 self-released)
Drown That Holy End In Wine - (2006 Failed Experiment Records)
Split w/ His Holiness (2009 Featherspines)
Goddverb (2009 self-released)



Defining itself with origins in the deserts of New Mexico, The Coma Recovery has been sharing its conception of glacial sonic movements with the genres of post-hardcore and post-rock for the past 7 years. This evolving project has produced two inspired full length albums, one E.P., and a split 7 inch in its relatively short life span. Sharing stages with relative acts such as Russian Circles, Mogwai, Caspian, and Mono, this Albuquerquean four piece has spent much of its upbringing on the road performing countless regional shows and accomplishing several extensive tours. Boasting a truly memorable live show, an insatiable evolvement and creative impulse, the Coma Recovery is assured an abode in the hearts of the cerebral music masses.