Coma's Bride

Coma's Bride


Melodical paradigms within a rock/rap realm of high octane music. Loud aggressive attitude with flare and style.


The music is a fusion of Nirvana and Linkin Park with a touch of Thrice and Rage Against the Machine with Red Hot Chili Peppers on top. Each song has its own personality and it's own foundation. This way we keep our audience listening. Each song is written as its own three and a half minute epic. We are loud and proud to be the most aggressive band at any venue. With Coma's Bride we guarantee an animated show everytime. No embelishment required here. If you listen to a couple of songs you'll be sure to feel the flow.


LP Release Titled "Kill Music"

Air play of "The Real" on CKLN ( on Jan 8th at 10:15pm

Set List

To perform the 8 songs in the set list condensed can be 25 minutes or extended to 45 minutes.

The Real
Kill Music
Better Off
Rise Above
From the Start