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""One-of-a-kind rock""

Will Fresch
for Chicago Tribune's 'RedEye'
Published October 10 2007

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Most groups aim for a unique sound when working on their music. However, breaking away from the pack can create its share of obstacles.

The electro-rockers of Comasoft are no strangers to said obstacles.

"We're a bit too rock for electro and too electronic for most mainstream rock shows," vocalist Jay says.

The Comasoft frontman says that venues are often unsure of what to do with his group, which includes guitarist Dani, bassist Andre and drummer Tomasz, given the lack of other similar-sounding bands around. It's a predicament that the band wasn't aiming for.

"We didn't intentionally try to be so obtuse," he says. "We just made music we wanted to hear."

Still, Ramirez says things are picking up. The group has just released an EP titled "Impulsive," and they have a few shows booked in the coming weeks. According to Ramirez, people have been enjoying the EP, and he is happy to receive feedback, even if some complements are laced with a reference to Depeche Mode or New Order.

"They are bands we like," he says. "If our music reminds people of something they like, that's OK with us."
- Chicago Tribune's RedEye

"“Around Hear”"

Remember the days when Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills dominated radio? Chicago’s Comasoft sure does. The band’s EP, Impulsive, invokes the synth-rock of those groups. With the guitars lower in the mix, this band leans on the electronic aspects of the genre, as well as some strong songwriting. - Illinois Entertainer


"Best indie rock band most likely to blow up huge in 2008; Comasoft." - Subnormal Magazine, Issue #8, 2008


Impulsive - (2007) EP
1. Collide
2. Can't Stop
3. Take Me With You
4. Forget Slowly
5. By The Way

Comasoft - (2005) Full Length
1 End Of Time
2 Swerve
3 Dance All Night
4 How I Get
5 Crank
6 iwish
7 Motion
8 Your Friends
9 Zombie
10 Breathe
11 End

Comasoft have tracks that have been spun in nightclubs from Darkwave Disco in Chicago to Club Neo in Osaka, Japan..



Comasoft is an electro pop rock band from Chicago... a mix of glam rock excess and futuristic presentation

Live comasoft shows consists of video sync backdrops, laser-guided video guitars, intelligent lighting and lasers. The band has become a headlining crowd favorite in a very short time...