High-energy electro rock - video sync - laser-guided video guitars - hybrid drums - melody - adrenalin - future - fashion


Comasoft is an electro pop rock band from Chicago... a mix of glam rock excess and futuristic presentation

Live comasoft shows consists of video sync backdrops, laser-guided video guitars, intelligent lighting and lasers. The band has become a headlining crowd favorite in a very short time...


Impulsive - (2007) EP
1. Collide
2. Can't Stop
3. Take Me With You
4. Forget Slowly
5. By The Way

Comasoft - (2005) Full Length
1 End Of Time
2 Swerve
3 Dance All Night
4 How I Get
5 Crank
6 iwish
7 Motion
8 Your Friends
9 Zombie
10 Breathe
11 End

Comasoft have tracks that have been spun in nightclubs from Darkwave Disco in Chicago to Club Neo in Osaka, Japan..

Set List

All original songs, the set starts with a 2 minute video that helps set the stage. The set usually lasts about 40 minutes and includes:

Down With Me
Atom Bomb
Can't Stop
By The Way
Love Song
Forget Slowly
Take Me With You
Put Up A Fight
Dance All Night