Combat Corduroy

Combat Corduroy

 Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Combat Corduroy mainly plays rock with a lot of folk and indie influences. The Combination of Archers of Loaf, Counting Crows, Cursive, Damien Rice, and Evanescence. Combat Corduroy still trys to have a quality sound that is catchy but still unique.


Combat Corduroy was formed in a small town outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan called Richland. Annie and Logan had been playing music together for a few years previous to the formation of the band and eventually became the authors of all of the music made by the group. Annie started playing music when she was very small, starting with classical piano and opera she progressivly moved towards Rock. She finds influence in NIN, Ani Difranco, and Evanescence. Logan began his musical career when his Dad bought him a guitar at 13. He and his Dad then made a local cover band that played all of the local bars and graduation parties. Eventually he broke off from the cover band in pursuit of writing his own music. Logans influences include Counting Crows, Crooked Fingers, and Damien Rice. Brandon learned how to play the cello early in life and was a member of the Kalamazoo Childrens Syphony. He was initially brought into the band to play cello but as time went on Brandon moved closer to the bass and has been playing that ever since. Brandon enjoys the classical stylings of the Redhot Chilipeppers, Bob Marley, and the Beatles. Andrew is one of the freshest musicians in the group, initially learning the rythems and leads of his favorite metal guitarists he broke into the more acoustic stuff when he moved in with bassist Brandon Jennings. Andrew works more complex sounding solos into songs with grace and dignity, his favorite bands include Every Time I Die, Count Zero, and the Police. After Combat Corduroy's drummer quit the band in order to go across the state for College they decided to go towards playing live shows "Sans Drummer", although they are currently looking for talent in the area but are not to concerned, cause it sounds pretty sweet without one.

Set List

We usually play four sets of 12 - 15 songs with a few cover songs mixed in. The only cover songs we play are You and Me by Archers of Loaf, Volcano and Amie by Damien Rice, and Here You Me by Jimmy Eat World. We tend to start our first set with building intensity and then try to start and end with more up beat songs.