Imagine porcelain-faced angels gracefully firing machine guns as they glide through a landscape of serene cumulus clouds-- that's the sonic picture painted by Comber's unique brand of melodic alternative rock.


Dispelling the mundane formula of modern cliche that clutters the road of contemporary rock, Comber pounds its own path of hard-hitting alternative. Angelic melodies disguise themselves among dense layers of fuzzy riffs and crushing rhythm guitars; only to be suddenly contrasted by lush passages of clean when you least expect it. Nailed down by a rhythm section that shares the same boundless dynamic range and sewn together by an intricate brand of songwriting that ties numerous musical genres to a common thread, Comber paints an unforgettable picture of integrity in today's alt-rock scene.

After being conceptualized in 2006, Comber spent an ambitious 16 months creating their full-length debut which was released on 8/14/07. The album quickly garnered acclaim in the U.S. and Europe, receiving awards and highly positive critical reception shortly after its release. Comber's distinct style is often compared by critics and fans alike to alt-rock powerhouses such as Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, and Mad Season.


Struck By All

Written By: Craig Wildenradt

To shade my eyes from what's become today,
And lay surmising what is underway,
I don't understand this feeling,
The pain is cutting way too deeply,
It's born of all the things I can't control.

I am drained,
Struck by all,
Hands still shaking,
Struck by All,
I am done.

To pay no mind to what's become today,
And never find the faults I can't abate,
I can't shake these thoughts I'm seeing,
They swallow me with force unyielding,
They're born of all the things I can't control.

I am drained,
Struck by all,
Hands still shaking,
Struck by All,
I am done.

Turning Point

Written By: Craig Wildenradt

Stay with me I'll waste your time,
When all in all is leaving I will take the helm,
And cut my losses,
Moving on,
From feigning clauses,
'Cuz all we are is earth,
And all we do is sky,
Which leaves us the ticking clock.

When all the if's and when's are done,
The bow will cut the setting sun,
While simple things,
And simple places,
Will clear the path,
For aging faces,
The sound of your baited breath becomes deafening,
And push comes to shove again.

If this message finds you in the corner would you get out?
And if getting older makes you colder would you get out?
This window's right for leaving,
And this current swells with meaning,
Why pick these ashes from the burning ground?

Stay with me I'll waste your time,
The salted air will bid you goodbye,
When statues fall from on their own,
They'll break the ground,
That once was home,
And if we can recognize the opportunity,
Then we'll soon be on our way.

So call the wind to carry me,
And cut me through the open sea,
I still can think,
Not long ago,
Being buried in the fallen snow,
Just stay with me,
It's all we are.

Rain on me,
Rain on me,
The sunshine,
Will drain on me,
What happens,
We'll wait and see.

Right Or Wrong

Written By: Craig Wildenradt

Taking turns with the sympathies,
Waging wars with the remedies,
Bite your tongue blaming open doors,
For dissolving the entropy.

Bought a bag full of memories,
Laid it out for the world to see,
Matched with tears 'cuz it's all for show,
Sell it off when the last one leaves.

Right or wrong,
We sing the same old sorries,
The same old song,
The same old song won't scar me.

Run it out to the end of town,
Write it off while the world goes 'round,
Why'd you wish me everything,
If you can't just let me breathe.

Right or wrong,
We sing the same old sorries,
The same old song,
The same old song won't scar me.


"Comber" (LP) - released 8/14/07


9/07 - "Right or Wrong" begins receiving regular rotation on UK-based internet radio station Radio Gets Wild. Shortly after, the album is awarded the "Gold Artist Award" by the station.

11/07 - "Struck By All" begins receiving regular rotation on Woozy Internet Radio.

Comber has secured airplay on the following US radio stations:
KAOS 89.3FM Olympia, WA KSER 90.7FM Everett, WA
KMUD 91.1FM Redway, CA KUYI 88.1FM Keams Canyon, AZ
KXCI 91.3FM Tucson, AZ KABF 88.3FM Little Rock, AR
KPFK 90.7FM Los Angeles, CA KVMR 89.5FM Nevada City, CA
KSDS 88.3FM San Diego, CA KWMR 90.5FM Point Reyes, CA
KZSC 88.1FM Santa Cruz, CA KSUT FM Colorado to New Mexico
KBUT 90.3FM Crested Butte, CO KDNK FM in Colorado
WKZE 98.1FM Red Hook, NY WWUH 91.3FM West Hartford, CT
KBSU FM in Boise, ID WLUW 88.7FM Chicago, IL
WECI 91.5FM Richmond, IN KDHX 88.1FM St. Louis, MO
WDVR 89.7FM Sergeantsville, NJ WFMU 91.1FM Jersey City, NJ
WBZC 88.9FM Pemberton, NJ WNCW 88.7FM Spindale, NC
WAIF 88.3FM Cincinnati, OH WCBE 90.5FM Columbus, OH
WRFR 93.3FM Rockland, ME KTSU 90.9FM Houston, TX
WKVS 103.3FM Lenoir, NC WGWG 88.3FM Boiling Springs, NC

Set List

Typical set is between 45-60 minutes. Focus is on original material. Occasionally, covers are performed.

Artists that have been covered by Comber: Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, Alice in Chains, Sugar, Orbit, Foo Fighters, Weezer.