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Bobby Brown - "I Refuse" 2003 Song Writer
Combo - "Bomb Love" 1998 Single Release
Big Bubb - "Everybody" 1997 Background Vocals


Feeling a bit camera shy


It’s been a multitude of talent over the past decade and very few striving artist have survived and surpassed the constant flux of the music industry, except one. Randell L. Combo, better known as “Combo”. Yes, a real name that lives up to every aspect of what a true artist is suppose to be. Combo is a multi-talented singer/song writer/producer/lyricists/dancer, a true work horse; “being versatile is everything in today’s music industry” he quotes. Combo is among the many artist of today who didn’t have the luxuries of life on the come up, he’s a man who faced life at its worst and has been molded from the fire.

Combo was born and raised from the mean streets of Norfolk, Virginia where he saw the loss of family and friends to the 80’s crack epidemic and then on to a forced separation from his mother due her constant drug addiction. Over the years the drama didn’t seem to cease and later he experienced another tough blow when his father passed due to AIDS through the use of sharing drug needles. Shortly after, he lost the women that kept him in her prayers daily, his grandmother. It was a hard road laid ahead for young Combo and living place to place on the streets just toughened him and gave him focus on a better future. After watching close friends turn in to dope boys and eventually hear of their deaths, it strengthened his will to turn away from what the streets offered so he directed his attention to music. It wasn’t much time later that surviving family and friends heard about his talent.

Combo’s music history dates back to 1991 when he formed a local group from Newport News VA. called “The Skool Boyz”.(1991-1995) The group’s major accomplishments consisted of opening acts for R&B pioneers The O’Jays, The Whispers, The Temptations, Frankie Beverly and the Maze, Mille Jackson, Keith Washington, Keith Sweat, Silk, SWV and the late Phyllis Hyman. As notoriety increased, the group went on the tour with PolyGram Records 1993 hit R&B artist “Lorenzo” and additionally mark their first national television spot on the television network, B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television) show “Teen Summit”, live from Washington DC. During the progression towards the spotlight, the boys created a huge industry buzz due to their unique harmonies and strong lead vocals.
The multi-cultural group of five caught the attention of legendary 80’s-90’s singer/song writer/ producer Leon F. Sylvers III, formerly of the 70’s hit group “The Sylvers”. Leon produced artists such as Shalamar, Lakeside, Whispers, Dynasty, and 90’s super group Blackstreet along side the new jack swing producer Teddy Riley. The Skool Boyz landed on 1997 Kedar/Universal Records R&B artist “Big Bub”, song entitled “Everybody”. The Skool Boyz became a major market for labels for new talent and with the creative skills of Leon Slyvers they secure a deal with Artista Records in 1995. The platform was thought to be solid until issues with the label and producer fell way side which shut doors to the group’s deal. After countless attempts to reach other label deals failed, Combo’s long haul to reach the dream seemed to be crushed. Due to financial strain and becoming a father, Combo had to make the hardest decision he’d ever make during the groups five year stint. He left the group and prepared himself for the next journey on the lonely road to stardom.

Combo’s journey brought him to the place of all places for any artist, the durty south (1996). He planted his roots in Southeast GA. as military soldier and started his push towards Atlanta and in no time he blossomed in the sights of solidified promoters, radio DJ’s and producers who felt his sound. Combo then went on to release his first self written/produced R&B track entitled “Bomb Love” (1998) in which was a regional hit and landed him on other independent radio stations in twenty-four states through a syndicated radio program called “The Urban Mix Lounge hosted by DJ 2nd Nature and Cut Master Swift (DJ for international hip-hop group “Outkast”).

Combo then went on the open for other national acts such as Lil John and the East Side Boyz, Sam Salter and others. In 2002 Combo caught the attention of up and coming independent label Fort Knoxx Records in Atlanta which started laying the ground work for his career in the ATL and in October 2003 he got the opportunity of a lifetime to work along side R&B’s bad boy, “Bobby Brown” as a song writer on his debut come back album which sparked buzz from the hit track “Thug Lovin” with The Inc’s hit hip-hop artist “Ja Rule”. Due to some personal and legal issues with Bobby a few weeks into the project, the album project ceased and Combo once again had to pick up the pieces and arrange a new plan.

Combo’s efforts over the past fifteen years have shown perseverance and dedication to the craft and his love for music. It’s another year and a another attempt to show the world that with all his history and accomplishments that he still lacks that one element t