Jon MacKinder

Jon MacKinder


The power of Led Zeppelin with the atmosphere of Pink Floyd, blend it using the songwriting sensibility of Don Henley (The Eagles). It is vivid, dramatic and intense; but it is also cathartic, unflinchingly true and compellingly relevant modern rock.


Jon's influences are the most theatrical rock bands of the 70's. Musically he approaches his songs the way a classical composer would delicately and precisely blend each instrument and each sound so that the whole was a tremendous emotional wallop greater than the sum of its parts.

The songs may always easy on the ear, but technically the arrangements are pure genius.

Jon has been recording, composing and performing since the age of 8.


Come And Get Me (full-length album) 2007.

Set List

Typical set list is 30 to 50 minutes and is comprised of the songs from the new album Come And Get Me. The band is amazing and very entertaining.

Another Day
Come And Get Me
How Does It Feel?
Drunk On You
Your Dream Is Coming
For The Heart Of Charlotte
It's All You