Marvin Lee Stand-up Comedian

Marvin Lee Stand-up Comedian

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Marvin Lee is like a younger slightly edgier Sinbad. If Sinbad decided to rage against the machine you would get Marvin Lee.

- b-metro Magazine April, 2013


*With the exception of Asian, Marvin Lee has been mistaken for every minority living in the U.S. to the final conclusion of "What are you?".... Hilarious is the answer. His amazing range of perspectives of the human condition to his commentary on the battle between the sexes always creates an atmosphere of good natured comedy while allowing his audience to learn something about each other and hopefully, themselves. In the end you will leave knowing exactly what to call Marvin Lee...


Full length DVD "The Best of Both Worlds." 2005.
Full length DVD "The Truth....Mostly." 2008.
Full length DVD " Marvin Lee VS.1800 Crazy Cajuns!." 2013.